Monster-in-Law: #3 in Romance Hall of Fame Wedding Movies Category

Little did temp Charlie Canilini (portrayed by Jennifer Lopez) realize that her dog-walking job would lead her on a path to finding a permanent position in the heart of surgeon Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan). But the course of true love is never smooth, especially when the bride-to-be runs into a road block to her happiness– her prospective groom’s overbearing parent. While in the process of causing pre-marital mayhem, Viola Fields (Jane Fonda) learns how to untie the apron strings before her son ties the knot.

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I love this movie! Whenever I have to deal with my mother in law I can look at it and say well at least she didn’t try to ruin the wedding on purpose. Well maybe. This movie is SO funny.– AF

Wanda Sykes….she steals the movie with all her scenes.– Bob

Michael Vartan being in the middle of his fiancee & mother.– MJ

It’s madd funny and I love Jennifer Lopez.– Doroty

Very funny.– Stacy

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Jane Fonda— The two-time Oscar winner took a fifteen year break form the big screen before being cast in this 2005 comedy.


Jennifer Lopez— Very few famous faces attain such A-list status that the mere mention of their nickname conjures up a mental image. JLo would play a wedding planner shortly before taking on the role of bride-to-be in this 2005 flick.


Michael Vartan— Best known for his years as agent Michael Vaughn on Alias, this French-born star followed his role as Doctor Kevin by taking on the mantle of Thomas Wakefield M.D. in the TNT drama series HawthoRNe.

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