Grey’s Anatomy: Izzie and Alex’s Wedding #4 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

“One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.” The quote by Sir Walter Scott rings true for Seattle Grace residents Alex Karev and Isobel Stevens, who have both caused each other romantic wounds and have healed each other’s heartbreaks over the years, only to find the cure for their loneliness in one another– even though their remedy may have come too late.

Knowing that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, Alex transformed his love’s present into a gift– surprising her with a wedding she though meant for her friend– and as Isobel Stevens began her walk down the aisle on the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the candles that illuminated her path also lit the way for the feint possibility of a bright future as she continues to rage against the dying of the light.

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It was amazing because it was unexpected and it was fulfilling Izzie’s dream of having this beautiful wedding before she possibly died. When George helped her walk down the aisle after she stumbled I literally think my heart broke from the sheer emotion that was being projected. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!– Melissa

It was great because of everything it represent and all that led up to that poignant moment. It was so beautifully sad and amazingly done.– Clarissa

It showed how far the two of them (especially Alex) had grown. It was a beautiful wedding, poignant and heartbreaking.– Jennifer

Because it was the ultimate love story, Izzie agreed to marry Alex even though they knew they many not have long as husband and wife. The wedding was beautiful and the song choices was brilliant and the fact that Meridith and Derick gave their wedding to Izzie and Alex was the icing on the cake.– Natalie

Because the Katherine & Justin’s performance was marvelous, they seemed to be a real couple. The wedding was very emotional. I cried during the ceremony. It was unbelievable, amazing.– Analia

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Relive the magic of Izzie and Alex’s wedding in the following ABC clip:

It was happy, sad, romantic and just plain all around perfect.– Mary

Because after five yeas of Grey’s, Alex really showed his love for Izzie and it was one of the most romantic and moving scenes I’ve ever seen.– Alessia

It was heart-wrenching; Izzie had cancer and Alex was helpless about it, and it took the care of all their other friends to show them that they not only love each other, but that they also have friends who love them in turn and want to see them happy, that made the wedding even possible, against all odds.– Erin

Just beautiful!– Martin

Because Izzie looked beautiful and it was so happy to see her dream come true even though she was ill.– Amanda

Because it was so surprising! It was so lovely to see that all of Izzie’s romantic imaginings for her own wedding came to fruition, and for her own surprise!– Ashley

Had all the romance,sadness and happiness all rolled into one.– Mary

The reasons why and the way this wedding came together are what made it so special and great. Now, please just let Izzie live so that they can be happy together! :)– Amy

I was expecting Meredith & Dr. McDreamy and instead it was Izzie & Alex, it was the best because we don’t know for sure if she is going to die.– Linda

It was an absolutely beautiful way to get married and certainly a good way for Izzie’s character help overcome her cancer fears.– Dene

Because it was Izzie’s dream wedding! She was so happy planning it for somebody else, and got so involved that it surprised everybody and made us all really happy when it turned out to be her wedding! Besides, everyone Alex and Izzie loves were involved in their wedding,and he seem to be really happy to be marrying her, spite her illness.– Fernanda

Because I love them both from the beginning and because they say I look a lot like Kathrine Heigl so I guess I am gonna look like this in my wedding 😀 😀 😀 and because it was the most romantic wedding i have ever seen 😀 i cried a lot in it :D– Mariam

It was perfect and breathtaking! :))– Bojana

I think it was very special, because after 5 seasons, they finally got together. And the fact that she has cancer and he wants to marry her is very moving.– Luz

so spontaneous & sad ;(– Jael

Because it show that no matter how sick you are with cancer and that you can get married and be with the love of your life no matter what and I think that shows a lot.– Amber

It was great because it was so romantic b/c Izzie thought she was going to Derek and Mer’s wedding and she got surprised with her own….and she got to marry the man of her dreams.– Elizabeth

I think this is one of the best TV wedding because Izzie and Alex are perfect. I love how Derek and Meredith gave their wedding to them because it was Izzie’s dream wedding and plus she is dying and they don’t know how much more time she has.– Kayla

Because their love was one of the greatest things on television!– Mysha

Coz it was so beautiful, the fact that Izzie realized her dream of being married, and how O’Malley helped her when she fell. I started to cry too, when Karev told Izzie her vows.– Karina

So beautiful to see the growth in this relationship over the course of five seasons. Despite Izzie’s illness, Alex stepped up and married her, and their faces were just heartwarming.– Lis

This was a great TV wedding because everyone was involved, regardless of their feelings towards one another. All of the interns were there together. Alex and Izzie have gone through so much in the past years. To see them finally together and happy makes the viewers see that love is real and can happen when and where you least expect it.– Amy

Because this was the union of two people who deeply loved each other in spite of Izzy’s terminal illness, and you FINALLY saw Alex’s human side when he spoke his beautiful vows to Izzy!– Diane

It was the ultimate surprise!! It was Izzie wedding plans and Alex just needed that nudge to become… lets say, Human!! (He was always so callous.)– Ramon

Because Izzy finally let go of Denny and her future was uncertain and the wedding was a surprise.– Wilma

It had so much emotion in it. It brought all the characters together and for that moment they all got along. No one watching at home had a dry eye!– Suzana


Alex and Izzie exchanged vows at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, a house of worship which has joined couples in matrimony since 1888. The church is located at 3300 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Meredith Grey exchanged her wedding down for a lilac chiffon bridesmaids dress in the episode “What A Difference A Day Makes.” An Amsale design, the couturier’s creations were also featured on Christina (Sandra Oh) at her wedding that never was, as well as on Izzie for the prom on the day she would learn that Denny Duquette had died.

A rising star with her work on Grey’s Anatomy still on the far horizon, Katherine Heigl embodied the role of another Isabel for three seasons on the sci-fi cult classic Roswell. For the episode “To Have and To Hold,” the actress– as human hybrid Isabel Evans– donned a demure wedding dress (seen in the photo below) for her walk down the aisle with Jesse Ramirez, who was portrayed by actor Adam Rodriguez, a current star of CSI:Miami.
Roswell Show Taping

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