Gilmore Girls: Lane and Zach #8 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

While providing the back beat for their group Hep Alien, Star Hollows resident, hesitant nonconformist Lane Kim came to realize that guitarist Zach Van Gerbig made her heart skip a beat. The platonic roommates’ transformation from band mates to soul mates culminated in a couple of weddings– a Buddhist ceremony to appease a family member and a traditional stroll down the aisle in which the bride walked the line between conservatism and cutting edge with an updated version of her mother’s wedding dress. A rockin’ reception complete with the newlyweds’ performance of “I’m A Believer” left viewers with a feeling as warm as a cup of coffee from Luke’s Diner.

Gilmore Girls

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I love these 2 characters, so happy to see them together.– Kelly

I thought it was really sweet that Lane honored her grandmother with a Buddhist ceremony before she walked down the aisle.– Sandy

I grew up watching Gilmore Girls, and I felt as though I was watching one of my own friend’s wedding when Lane married Zack.– Alison

This quirky comedy always made me smile, and watching each wedding– Lane and Zach’s, Sookie and Jackson’s and Emily and vow renewal– made you feel like you were part of their extended family.– Jean

Because this was so funny…having the traditional Korean wedding then the real one…it was cute.– Nicole

As one couple commits their lives to each other, another couple contemplates their future. Coming to the realization that she may never walk down the aisle, a tipsy Lorelei toasts the bride and groom in the following clip:


As individualistic as the character she portrayed, actress Keiko Agena (Lane Kim) said “I do” to Shin Kawasaki in a helicopter hovering over Las Vegas on December 19, 2005, just months before Lane and Zach’s wedding episode (“I Get A Sidekick Out of You”) aired.

In a case of life imitating art, Todd Lowe (Zach Van Gerbig) is also a member of a band. The actor is both the guitarist and singer for Pilbilly Knights.

The wedding reception scene in which Lane and Zach’s band Hep Alien rock out with a rendition of “I’m A Believer” was shot at four o’clock in the morning.


WB TCA Party

Keiko Agena— In recognition of her work on Gilmore Girls, the Hawaiian-born actress was presented with an Ammy Award, which honors Asians in the arts. Having provided the voice of Yori in the Disney series Kim Possible, Agena has since made appearances on Private Practice and ER and shared the big screen with Jessica Simpson in the feature film Major Movie Star.

HBO Luxury Lounge In Honor Of The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Day 1

Todd Lowe— Following his stint on the popular WB/CW series, Lowe sunk his teeth into a new role as Terry Bellefleur in HBO’s True Blood.

Alexis Bledels 21st Birthday Party

Alexis Bledel— One half of one of the small screen’s most beloved mother-daughter duos, this Houston-born beauty is also a welcome presence on the silver screen. Her name has appeared in the credits of such diverse fare as Sin City, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Tuck Everlasting.

Lauren Graham— Stardom resulting from her role as Stars Hollow’s modern-thinking mother Lorelei Gilmore may have led to performances in Bad Santa, Evan Almighty, Because I Said So and Flash of Genius, but TV buffs will soon welcome Graham’s return to the small screen as the lead in the upcoming ABC comedy series The Bridget Show.

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Gilmore Girls News— Along with a ton of trivia (who knew that the Dragonfly Inn had a starring role in The Waltons?), quotes and video clips, this definitive Gilmore Girls site also posts news of cast members’ current projects.

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