Ghost Whisperer: #10 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

“Til death do us part.” Solemnly spoken at most marriage ceremonies, these words hold a different meaning for paranormal communicator Melinda Gordon and her soul mate, who denied death his soul in order to stay with his wife. Slipping out of the mortal bonds of one body and into the shoes of another, even from Jim Clancy’s first steps as Sam Lucas his spirit was searching for its way back to its home– into the arms of the woman he loves.

Awaiting the arrival of their baby as they learn to adapt to Jim’s “rebirth,” the couple find themselves standing at the crossroads of their lives in the season four finale of Ghost Whisperer. What better place to symbolize the road that they will continue down together than the street where they first met, which served as the site where Melinda and Jim once again pledged their undying love to each other.

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The dress worn by actress Jennifer love Hewitt as she recited her vows was a Reverie creation by Melissa Sweet.

Acting as a soundtrack to Melinda and Jim’s love story during season four, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved is the second single from Irish pop trio The Script’s eponymous debut album.

Melinda Gordon and Jim Clancy also make an appearance in Lovetripper’s Romance Hall of Fame sci-fi couples category.

The following montage of memories is a tribute to one of television’s most romantic twosomes:

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

Because of the fact that they found a very true and special love that at one time had been lost, she thought forever, and they found it all over again with a love that was even stronger than before.– Carol

I love the show to begin with but the wedding and relationship between Melinda and Jim was the best!– Amy

Their relationship proves that love is stronger than anything– even death.– Emilie

Melinda and Jim have gone through so much to be together. Even though they were already married in their hearts, it was touching to see them exchange vows for a second time.– Diane

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