Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Michaela and Sully’s Wedding #2 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

Beyond the joining of two hearts, the wedding of Dr. Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully marked a passing of the torch between the traditions of the past and a progressive future which was fast approaching.

While offering a nostalgic nod to age old conventions by carrying her forebearer’s lace handkerchief as her “something old,” Michaela’s walk down the aisle with her mother was as unique for its time as the union into which she entered, and as the wheels of the horse drawn carriage which leisurely escorted the newlyweds from their wedding site conceded to the locomotive rails which whisked the pair off on their honeymoon, the steam engine’s whistle seemed to be saying farewell to an era which would soon be only a sweet, sepia-toned memory.

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I will shout it to the heavens… Sully and Michaela’s wedding on DQMW is still my most favorite wedding, ever! I loved the feel of magic in the air. No two other characters have shown so much love for each other. Their romance is what drew me to the show when it first aired. The chemistry between the actors Joe Lando and Jane Seymour was undeniable. This particular episode started off with real bride/groom situations that come up, as well as some unique situations that only Sully and Michaela would be in. The groom was so handsome in his wedding attire as was the bride in her gorgeous dress and veil. The feel of support from each town member and family members was felt right through the tv screen. I grinned ear to ear just like Brian did. I sighed just like Mrs. Quinn did. It was a moving ceremony. But it did not end there. The reception was funny and moving at the same time. And the final moments on the train car were quite steamy and again I sighed. Just beautiful.– Penni

It represented the culmination of everything the couple had endured in almost four years they knew each other. Despite pressure from friends and loved ones to alter their plans, they settled back on what they wanted and found a nice compromise to blend their individual desires. It also demonstrated how deep love is to bring a loner man back from grieving the loss of his first wife and a lonely woman who had found acceptance and purpose in her love for her soon-to-be husband.

This couple had sparks flying on the screen and the looks they shared could melt the TV set. They knocked heads on various issues, as do all couples, but the important thing is they agreed on what was important and managed to always find a compromise that showcased the depth of their love.

In today’s society when love is treated so carelessly, or sex is used as bribe for love, this couple’s purity is a refreshing reminder that love is about far more than sex and the physical. They gave me hope and inspiration, and when I finally met my soul mate, their example is helping me treasure this relationship.– Tiffany

Michaela and Sully from “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” are one of my favorite TV couples of all time. Jane Seymour and Joe Lando had the kind of on-screen chemistry that comes along only once in a very blue moon. They were magic together on screen as Sully and Michaela. Their wedding was the culmination of an epic romance. Plus, the wedding itself, the wardrobe, hair, makeup, set design, etc. were a visual feast! Michaela was just radiant in her wedding gown, and Sully was drop-dead
handsome as usual. Everything was just gorgeous from top to bottom!– Mia

I knew they were meant to be together because of the way they acted in the first episode the way they looked at each other. I knew one day they would get married and I am so glad that I was right. They make a wonderful couple and the wedding was
gorgeous.– Jessica

I choose Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Sully and Michaela because you don’t find love today like they found it. You watched their love grow from the very first episode to the end of the season. You got to see the love they brought into each other’s lives and the feelings it gave them. You saw them through the best of time and the worst of time, you saw them fight feelings for another and yet, the love they share is unlike any other and that’s why Sully and Michaela caught the world by storm.– Kayla

We waited so long! Everything was perfect and you gotta love the attire!– Lauren

I loved Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Sully & Michaela had a wonderful relationship that led into marriage. Their relationship was pure and romantic. You do not see much of that any more.– Evelyn

Because of the unique chemistry between Joe Lando and Jane Seymour on the DQMW set, during not only this wedding episode but also throughout all the series, before and after their union. All DQ fans know they had an “affair” very early during the shooting (Pilot etc.) and this does show on the screen. Besides, Michaela’s dress is absolutely gorgeous. In the episode, she actually designs the dress herself, because she doesn’t want to hurt neither her mother, nor her local friends, who have both paid a lot (her mum) or worked very hard (the locals) so Michaela decides to keep both by using 1 half of each. The final result is simply the best wedding dress ever made: very “sexy” on top, and very “classical” on the lower half, with many yards of train. Surely a gown all girls would dream to wear on their wedding day!– Sylvie

This wedding had everything: elegance, beauty, handsome men, family, family not getting along, friends, tradition, but also new ideas. It was an awesome TV wedding.– Jeri

Beautiful outdoor setting, beautiful gown, beautiful couple; very romantic.– Ann

Because, as a fan, you’ve waited like ages to see and hear those two to finally say ‘I do’. They had so many troubles to face before they were able to admit their feelings and take this final step that you always feared that it was never going to happen. But it did and how it did! It was the kind of wedding every girl dreams of. The perfect dress, all friends and family together, the handsome groom and the big big love. When they exchanged rings and said their vows it was so real and romantic! Just perfect in any possible way! This wedding spoiled me for a lifetime because when I am ever going to marry, want it to be have a wedding just like the one Michaela and Sully had.– Katja

It was a classic wedding with all the beautiful details. Jane Seymour and Joe Lando have the best chemistry. And beyond that Jane was stunning…– Jesse

Because there was all love from the TV and from the people in this wedding. Till today it is (was) a great show and couple. I love that wedding dress.– Mieke

It was the most exciting and romantic wedding I’ve seen on TV.– Janet

Sully and Michaela’s wedding was the greatest for so many reasons. This show included so many aspects of family togetherness and history. Sully and Michaela had been through so much together and so much before they knew each other. Each moment in their lives lead them to each other. Both had lost love before and never thought they’d love again. In a way, neither had a desire to love again. Yet, from the moment they saw each other, their was such a strong passion between them. You could see the fire in their eyes. You could see the desire they had for one another. Yet, they were respectful of each other. They developed such a beautiful friendship that blossomed into romance. They were able to be there for each other in so many ways. They had a relationship that truly had every aspect to it: friendship, drive, determination, truth, passion and fulfilling love.They are beautiful in my eyes and always will be the greatest TV couple.– Marita

Because everything about it was perfect – beginning with the weather and the clothes up to the mood. For once all town stood together to celebrate this one wedding – and Michaela and Sully were just the perfect couple.– Marion

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, filmed at Paramount Ranch in Agoura, the character’s whole community was involved, there was an element of danger as the best man, a Cheyenne, was wanted and had to be secretly whisked in, Michaela’s mother gave her away, the costuming was fabulous, and the rail car scene at the end was so tastefully erotic yet subtle (like showing the lamps rocking back and forth after Sully undresses Michaela) that I was surprised CBS didn’t censor it!– Linda

It was a great moment for the show,and fans alike who finally got to see Dr. Quinn finally marry her soulmate. It was the start of another 3 great season’s before it was axed and took the show in a new direction.– Erin

It was a beautiful wedding of two beautiful characters, and the 3-year build-up to it just made it one that you didn’t want to miss. I re-watch it again every few months, and it never gets old!– Elaine

This wedding took place at the end of the third season after 3 years of sexual tension between these two characters. Without a wedding they would have never been able to explore the physical side of love. the fans were chomping at the bit for them to get together. The wedding itself was beautiful. The bride and groom, both good looking on their own were clad it the most gorgeous dress and Indian shirt. I enjoy watching it over and over because there is so much detail in it involving all the characters of the show.– Lynn

So romantic, and with all the problems a future bride can have just before the wedding including her mother’s ideas. LOL– Cecile

This wedding was an amazing event! Sully’s buckskin wedding shirt mixed with Michaela’s gorgeous, flowing gown. And the train scene at the end…WOW! Pretty steamy for a CBS show in the 1990’s! It is definitely an episode that I will always remember!– Marisa

Two people as different as can be on the outside find deep love and respect as soul mates, true friends and lovers!– Doreen

I think this was the best and most realistic wedding I’ve ever seen on screen, probably due to the incredible chemistry between Jane Seymour and Joe Lando and maybe also to the fact that they were dating for a while some years ago. In fact there were fans who attended it as a real wedding and it was filmed more or less in real time. We are part of the wedding as if we had been invited to it. The conclusion of the wedding is the beginning of the wedding night, a very special moment for any fan of the series as Michaela and Sully are supposed to consummated their love for the first time on a train continuing a metaphor that has been built throughout the three first seasons. After that wedding, differently to many other series, their magic isn’t extinguished, their relationship is as thrilling as always.– Gemma

Cause they FINALLY were together!!!!– Letara

After two years of courtship between Sully and Michaela, their wedding was a monumental moment that thoroughly displayed their admiration, affection and love one another properly and efficiently.– Lindsey

Why do I love Michaela and Sully’s wedding so much? Well, it had EVERYTHING – a wounded fiance who gets held captive and almost misses the ceremony, a wedding dress gone wrong, a mother trying to run the show, a steamy and super romantic love scene on a moving train (it’s getting darker! :wink:) and OF COURSE, two gorgeous actors, Jane Seymour and Joe Lando!!! Mmmm, yummy Joe!! What more could you want???– Renea

This was a great wedding because the fans were allowed to experience the entire relationship from the beginning. And to be able to experience all the highs and the lows along with the characters it was great seeing them finally come together as one and begin a new chapter of their lives together.– Saray

It was such a romantic wedding, especially for the time frame that the series was set in.– Joan

Despite opposition coming at them from all sides, Michaela and Sully managed to have the wedding they always dreamed of. She was radiant, he was ruggedly handsome and they were true to themselves and what they envisioned for their day. It was also nice to have the whole town involved in the event. The excitement of the day bubbled over from the very beginning of the 2 hour episode. It’s a joy to watch over and over again.– Megan

In my opinion this was the greatest TV romance of all time and the wedding was done perfectly.– Dana

Watching the romance blossom between Sully and Michaela over 3 seasons was fantastic. You got to cry with them and celebrate their happiness. Being able to see two characters come together that had gone through what they had was amazing. They are my favorite TV couple of all time!– Tammy

Even without the great costumes the smoldering looks between Mike and Sully are forever etched in my mind! And OH the pulling of the shades…my heart still flutters!– Kat

It is the only show I have seen where the two people are so in love on the screen ..we were waiting eagerly for their wedding– Christine

Sully and Michaela are the most romantic and sexy couple. This wedding was so beautiful.– Fanette

This was a wonderful wedding because it incorporated the aspects of both characters personal beliefs into it. Michaela wore a traditional period gown, while Sully opted to honor his Cheyenne beliefs by wearing a wedding tunic. The love and respect that the two held for each other was evident in the vows they took and the adoring gazes they gave one another.– Wendy

Michaela and Sully were from different worlds, but shared many of the same values. The whole town helped with the wedding.– Joanna

It was the long anticipated union of two wonderful people that had come through a lot of difficult situations!!!– Eirini

The DQ wedding was a culmination of a truly romantic storyline and the wedding episode itself didn’t let us down – true romance played out against the beautiful backdrop of 19th century Colorado.– Pam

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