Chuck: Awesome and Ellie’s Wedding #1 in Romance Hall of Fame TV Weddings Category

During the past two seasons, mild-mannered Nerd Herder Chuck Bartowski has gone from tackling computer viruses to villains, but when it came time for his sister’s wedding vows Buy More’s brightest almost met his match. While he was unable to keep the bad guys at bay for the original ceremony, Chuck found a way to turn the disaster into a heart-tugging “I do” for Ellie Bartowski and Devon “Awesome” Woodcomb that may not have left fans of the spy series shaken, but most definitely stirred.

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin film a wedding scene for Chuck on Malibu beach

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The showing of love not only between Ellie and Awesome, but also between Chuck and Ellie by giving up his government paycheck to pay for their wedding is one of the truest definitions of love.– Patrick

It wasn’t overdone, the wedding was the focus without being cheesy, and there was a performance by Jeffster!– Chris

Filled with comedy, romance, true love, despair, and action! I mean come on!!! It truly appeals to everyone since it has so many facets. “Jeffster” alone was awesome…and then the beautiful beach scene!!! WOW– Nick

The comedy was awesome, and besides, you actually got 2 weddings. Chuck is a very original and entertaining show, and the wedding was perfect in the plot for the season finale! Best wedding and the best show!– Dave

First of all, not many characters get to have TWO awesome weddings, even if they will never know how truly epic the first was. The battle behind the scenes could not have had better background music than the sweet serenade of JEFFSTER! Not only that, but even after the first was ruined, Ellie gets her dream wedding on the beach, too! Captain awesome would certainly approve.– Zachary

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A behind the scenes look at the making of the wedding episode:

Jeffster’s Domo Arigato:

This wedding was awesome because the first wedding was a bust because of all the spy action that totally trashed the whole thing, but the make up wedding on the beach that evening was beautiful, romantic, and perfect. I almost cried!– Robert

The song Christmas TV was great and the wedding was in a great location and the Marines preparing a wedding isn’t something you see everyday…the beach was so pretty…and the mix of a bit of violence is kinda good in a weird way (when the
agent killed the 3 marines and the fulcrum guy)– Diovi

Because with everything thing that went wrong (bad guys destroying everything)with the big wedding. Ellie finally got her dream wedding. A simple one on the beach with close family and friends thanks to her brother, the CIA & the NSA.– Traci

Beautifully done after the initial disaster.– Jamey

Some would say for the action… I would say for the emotional connection between the bride and her brother. They’re familial chemistry is unmatched on television.– Ed

Because it shows that it doesn’t always have to be big to be perfect.– Jakob

Ellie and Devon finally got married !! AND Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Daddy, etc, kicked SERIOUS BUTT !! And nothing can ever beat Chuck<3-- Natalie Who wouldn’t want a nice beach wedding after the day they had?– Phillip Are you kidding? Did you see the episode?! The wedding setting made for by far the best episode of Chuck in its two seasons of existence. I haven’t seen all of the other options on this list, but I think this wedding had to win, hands-down, in uniqueness.– Brendan It was great because even thought the first wedding in the episode was ruined, the second ceremony that Chuck gave his sister was exactly what she wanted…the wedding of her dreams.– Jarrod It was full of heartbreak and love. The action and comedy of the Mr. Roboto montage during wedding 1 was genius and the simplicity and genuine love that surrounded the beach wedding was beautiful and a great treat to watch.– Nikky It was Awesome !!! Because Jeffster played some tunes to stall the wedding and because it was also completely ruined by the NSA dudes !– Hyacinthe It was funny and romantic and was absolutely beautiful.– Sam
The first wedding was just a beautiful traditional attempt in a grand church with ice sculptures and formal dress. I am glad though that Fulcrum ruined it and Chuck gave his sister truly what she had dreamed of though with the beach ceremony. Just an absolutely gorgeous setup with the waves crashing in the background against magnificent boulders. The sun waning in the background painting a picture perfect painting in the sky as it set. Just a touching moment with an “Awesome” couple
having their dream come to fruition with their dearest friends and loved ones in attendance. I hope my wedding to be as beautiful and heartfelt as theirs!– Michael

Mr. Roboto song in the back special forces team saving Chuck, Sarah and Bryce in the end JEFFSTER!– Jessie

Because everything that possibly could have gone wrong did, like Jeffster trying to stall? But in the end Chuck comes through and saves the day by paying for Ellie and Awesome real wedding. Besides its the wedding Ellie has always wanted even though
she didn’t know that’s how she was going to get there.– Ashlei

Jeffster’s off-key ’80’s tunes, romantic tension between Chuck/Sarah, evil spies and a special forces team coming through the ceiling–all packed into a five-minute bit. Need I say more?– David

It had the most heart in a wedding scene I have ever seen! They seemed so genuine. The right song, the right emotion! Not to mention everyone looked AMAZING!– Scott

It was interrupted by bad guys trying to take over the world, a performance of Jeffster!, and then re-done beautifully on the beach.– Bethany

This wedding had action, comedy, and drama.– Sean

It wasn’t the TYPICAL wedding !!!! it was full of action and heroism , and it was what Ellie REALLY wanted, so it shows you can actually want in the end.– Moira

Because we got two weddings for the price of one, and you can’t beat a reception hall gunfight set to the pre-wedding entertainment of a cover of Mr. Roboto!– Donn

Even if the original wedding plans didn’t push through, Chuck spent his hard earned money just to have a wedding for his sister. And that wins my heart!– Rhea

Because we got to see two polar extreme weddings. One that did not go well at all yet left the audience cheering and satisfied, and one that was beautiful and incredible and left the audience cheering and satisfied. This show never disappoints its fans and VS. the Ring was absolutely no exception.– Travis

It wasn’t one great wedding – it was TWO great weddings! The first one was disrupted in a truly hysterical way. I mean, who wouldn’t want a couple of nerds who work with their brother to perform “Mr. Roboto” at their wedding and then set off all the fire sprinklers in the church? The second wedding was gorgeous, and was all the more moving because of all the effort and money Chuck, Sarah, and Casey put into making sure it was everything Ellie wanted. It was also special because during the wedding there was a great progression in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, when she told Bryce she wanted to stay with Chuck.– Grace

First of all, Ellie and Awesome had two weddings and both of them were great. The first one was pure action and chaos while the second was romantic and classic.– Melanie

Hello?!? massive SILENCED fire fight in the room next to the wedding with the soundtrack of “Mr Roboto”! mixed with the “feel good” factor on the beach when you KNOW Sarah is staying with Chuck.– Pete

They’re a beautiful couple and a great minor distraction from the heavy action happening to the main character (Chuck) throughout the course of the show. “Both” of their weddings were absolutely gorgeous and it was really great to see all the spy action going on in the background without anyone really noticing it. They deserve to win for pulling through with the “I dos” amidst the chaos.– Kacey

Because it first started off to be a wedding just to make the family happy but with all the things that went wrong that day, at the end the couple was able to have their dream wedding. Also, another character was able to reveal that she would choose a life with person she loves instead of a career shes good at. Plus, the music, action, disaster and the beautiful sunset wedding was well done.– Edna

The wedding itself did not contain all the action. The main reason I vote is for the events happening before and during the wedding: the activation of the fire alarm, the performing of the band, the shooting and so on; leading to a more discreet and special wedding.– Juan

The setting was amazing… On a beach at sunset has been done so many times but the way they pulled this off I want my wedding to be just like this! The colors they used were beautifully unique and the way the writers had the good and the bad going on at the same time changing Chucks whole world, it left me wanting so much more! Hands down the best t.v. wedding ever.– Hannah

The “originally planned” wedding had to be saved by special forces troops. Any wedding that ends in a shootout HAS to be good. After Chuck firmly realizes he ruined his sister’s wedding day, he gives her the wedding of her dreams: a sandy beach, all of her family, and NO Fulcrum attacks.– Erik

Because it was Capt. Awesome’s Wedding! And 2 weddings at that.– Jill

The beach wedding was beautiful and the most romantic wedding I’ve ever seen on television. It was even romantic for characters that were not getting married. It was just absolutely beautiful. :)– Erin

This wedding was amazing because it was not just one, but two…and the first one involved pyrotechnics and spies using wedding gifts as weapons. Definitely not
typical!– Sarah

It was the climax of the last 5 episodes of Chuck. Then it looked like there wasn’t going to be a wedding until Chuck saved the day.– Bobby

Their wedding was awesome.– Traci

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin film a wedding scene for Chuck on Malibu beach

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**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** EXCLUSIVE: Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi film a wedding scene for Chuck on Malibu beach

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