27 Dresses: #1 in Romance Hall of Fame Wedding Movies Category

Every woman has at least one bridesmaid’s dress tucked away in the deepest recesses of her closet, its taffeta rustle a reminder of her supporting role in a friend’s walk down the aisle. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride Jane Nichols, however, has a wardrobe full of wedding day memories– each garment symbolizing both another couple’s happiness and her eternal hope that someday, as she caters to each bride’s whim to make their I do’s a dream (even that of her sister, who is marrying the man she carries a torch for), she will find someone who is tailor made for her.

As effervescent as the bubbles in a glass of celebratory champagne, this maritally-minded tale of one woman’s trail to finding her own happily ever after caught the box office bouquet in 2008, and Lovetripper readers escorted the romantic comedy all the way to the top spot in our Romance Hall of Fame Top 10 countdown of the best wedding movies of all time.


Several of the “I do” designs seen in the movie were provided by Amsale, whose lavender bridesmaid’s dress, worn by Ellen Pompeo in her role as Meredith Grey, preceded bride Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) down the aisle during a heart-tugging wedding ceremony on Grey’s Anatomy.

A scene form the movie was filmed at The Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park.

27 Dresses

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

I thought 27 Dresses was a remarkable funny comedy! I can see me with 27 different dresses and no more room in my closet for anything else! Actually, this really describes my mother! My mother has taken over every single closet in the house, and it’s a big house. She hasn’t left room for anyone else’s clothes!– Pamela

This movie epitomizes my own life. I once was a caterer, and bent over backwards to make sure everyone else’s wedding reception was “to die for.” Yet, I’ve had so many disappointments in my own love life, so many that you could write a country-western song that would “just make you cry.” I have a younger sister who has expected me to dote over her for all of her life, and she has caused me a ton of grief — enough that you could write yet another tear-jerking western song. I hooked up my sister with her husband, and he has an enviable job in the limelight, and I haven’t gotten the credit I deserve for setting my sister up with such a fantastic guy. Now she lauds this over me in her own special way. Enough said. There are enough similarities in the heroine’s life in 27 Dresses that I totally related and adored the movie.– Sheila

She is like so many women who want to find love but it never comes her way, but when it does, it is better than all the rest.– Stacey

I loved everything about I really laughed and laughed till I cried during the bar scene– Benny and the Jets!!! I already own this movie!– Melody

I have 32.– Jaime

I have watched this movie over and over. I think so many people can relate to being the wedding ‘helper’ so many times! The characters are down-to-earth, and the couple at the end is silly, goofy, and imperfect. Wonderful!– Erika

I love this movie because it’S romantic but also because the casting is amazing ( Katherine Heigl is one of my favorite actresses)!– Catherine

I love this movie because I see myself and I know that I’ll soon marry my prince. I laughed and cried with her and then felt so
happy at the end- just like in real life I’ll soon finally be the bride.– Jacqueline

27 Dresses is one of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen. It also had a great story line. I would recommend this movie to anyone. GREAT MOVIE !!!!! I give it five stars. — Tonya

I love the whole story line and especially the way it ends!– Amy

A feel good chick flick.– Irene


27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl— Although playing alien hybrid Isabel Evans in the cult sci-fi series Roswell helped to launch her career to a new level, it would be the role of Isobel “Izzie” Stevens on the ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy that would skyrocket the actress into the rarefied stratosphere of stardom. The Emmy Award winner, who is now considered one of contemporary cinema’s reigning comedic queens, received plenty of practice walking down the aisle in this rom com before she said “I do” to her true love, singer Josh Kelley, in December 2007.
27 Dresses

James Marsden— Equally as famous for his roles in “chick flicks” as for his foray as a comic book hero in the X-Men franchise, Marsden portrayed a jilted fiance in The Notebook and a fairytale prince in Enchanted before taking on the role of reporter Kevin Doyle. The actor took on the lifelong role of husband to wife Lisa Linde in 2000.

27 Dresses

Edward Burns— Talented both behind and in front of the camera, this writer/director/actor watched his bride– supermodel Christy Turlington– walk down the aisle of Saints Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco on the arm of U2 frontman Bono back in June 2003.

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