Sixteen Candles: #10 in Romance Hall of Fame Wedding Movies Category

In the life of every teenage girl, there is a Jake Ryan– that paragon of perfection that the hierarchy of high school has deemed totally unattainable for anyone but a prom queen. Like most girls who fall short in the popularity department, Samantha Baker is accustomed to feeling invisible when it comes to the object of her secret adolescent affection, but she never fathomed that she would be overlooked by her own family on what should be one of the most memorable days in her young existence — her 16th birthday.

Her fantasy of instant transformation from gangly girlhood into teen temptress upon reaching that magical number already dashed with one glance in the mirror, Samantha’s day nosedives as her sister’s impending I do’s command all the attention. However, while weddings are traditionally a time of new beginnings for the bride and groom, our heroine finds her own life changing for the better after the ceremony. A cinematic time capsule of the early ’80’s, this John Hughes classic will leave you with a nostalgic glow that rivals the candles on Samantha’s birthday cake.

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What a classic this movie is! When Molly Ringwald – after all she goes through to catch the eye of the boy she likes – walks out of the church after her sister’s wedding, it’s like a dream come true! And the movie as a whole is so funny. Her sister the Bride is fantastic after taking all those drugs to get rids of cramps! How embarrassing!– Annmarie

It was sweet and the girl gets her heart throb. — Angela

This was such a great movie and a classic brat pack era cant help but love Molly Ringwald :)– Kathy

It was my decade and I could so relate! — Marilyn

The cast is great.– Kenneth

Twenty-five years later and I’m still dreaming of Jake Ryan.– Carol

Relive being 16, with humor.– M


Molly Ringwald— The girl every teen wanted to emulate in the ’80’s eluded the spotlight in the 1990’s after her reign in such John Hughes hits as The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. Having tread the boards in major Broadway productions, the Titian-haired star can now be seen on the ABCFamily drama The Secret Life of The American Teenager.

Anthony Michael Hall– Far from his portrayal of “Farmer Ted,” roles as Microsoft magnate Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley and on The Dead Zone were waiting for the former geek god after his continued success in a series of John Hughes flicks including The Breakfast Club and Weird Science.

Michael Schoeffling— By bowing out of the limelight after just a few onscreen appearances (Vision Quest, Mermaids, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken) the Pennsylvania-born heartbreaker who portrayed jock Jake Ryan has preserved the image of the perfect guy for generations to come. The elusive ’80’s icon is reported today to be a family man and owner of a woodworking shop.

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