Romance Hall of Fame: Top 10 TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples

Are you in the mood for an out of this world romance? In a Lovetripper poll, here are readers’ picks for television’s most passionate paranormal pairs of all time:

  • #2: Roswell: Max and Liz
  • Years after its final episode, fans still feel a cosmic connection for these star-crossed soul mates.

  • #3: Doctor Who: The Doctor and Rose
  • Gallifrey’s last Time Lord has two hearts, and both surely skipped a beat when he first met his traveling companion Rose Tyler.

  • # 4: The X-Files: Mulder and Scully
  • The truth is out there– Mulder and Scully were soul mates with a supernatural twist.

  • # 5: Charmed: Piper and Leo
  • The love between a witch and a White Lighter has the power to conjure up feelings of romance for television viewers.

  • #6: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Spike
  • More accustomed to carnage than courtship, Sunnydale’s sexiest vamp transformed into a soulful suitor for the slayer.

  • #7: Ghost Whisperer
  • The hauntingly beautiful love story of Melinda Gordon and her husband Jim offers paranormal proof that soul mates can never be separated.

  • #8: Roswell: Michael and Maria
  • Just like the Pod Squad’s dietary quirk, this couple’s romance is sweet and spicy.

  • #9: Pushing Daisies
  • The quirky cute romance between Ned the Pie Maker and his reanimated soul mate may have met its fate after only two seasons, but the series will live on in the hearts of the TV viewers it touched.

  • #10: Moonlight
      Viewers who like their love stories in the vampiric vein thought that they had found a romance to sink their teeth into until CBS staked the series after only 16 episodes.

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