The Philadelphia Story: #4 in Romance Hall of Fame Wedding Movies Category

Although her father Mr. Lord states that his daughter Tracy (portrayed by Katharine Hepburn) lacks an “understanding heart,” three men are attempting to win it over in this classic tour de force of farce. Which suitor is best suited to walk the socialite down the aisle…her dependable but dull fiance George Kittredge (John Howard); Macaulay “Mike” Connor (Jimmy Stewart,) the intrepid tabloid reporter sent to cover Tracy’s wedding ceremony, or her exasperating ex-husband, C.K Dexter Haven (Cary Grant)?

Clever quips dispersed in staccato dialogue made this George Cukor-directed comedy a sure-fire hit in 1940, and its wonderful witticism found its way onscreen again in the 1950’s in a musical remake, High Society.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart in a classic, timeless romantic comedy directed by the legendary George Cukor? Enough said!– Geoff

The online chemistry between Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Old fashioned classic romance.– Nancy

Campy, funny trouble. Katharine Hepburn is a hoot!– Sue

Love the dialogue in this movie. It’s like Gilmore Girls, fast-paced. Love all the actors.– Katharine

It is a classic tale of love tale with sophistication, elegance, and it saved Hepburn’s career.– Thomas

They don’t make movies like this any more.– Alex


Cary Grant— The suave cinema icon created movie magic four times with fellow legend Katharine Hepburn, in Sylvia Scarlett, Holiday, Bringing Up Baby and with a little help from the saucy script for The Philadelphia Story.

Katharine Hepburn— Oscar may have eluded Hepburn for her role as Tracy Lord, but her four Academy Award wins secured her position as the queen of the silver screen.

Jimmy Stewart— Although The Philadelphia Story was nominated for six Academy Awards, the classic garnered only two little gold men– one for best adapted screenplay, and the other for best actor, which went to the Hollywood’s original good guy.

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