Mamma Mia!: #5 in Romance Hall of Fame Wedding Movies Category

In the mid 1970’s the music of ABBA was the soundtrack to every young romance, and three decades later the harmonies of the Swedish super group provides a heartbeat for a celebration both for the love of soulmates and of family in the cinematic retelling of the stage smash, Mamma Mia!

Like many brides-be-be, Sophie Sheridan (portrayed by Amanda Seyfried) dreams of her Dad walking her down the aisle on the day she says “I do.” Attempting to turn her dream into reality she mails epistles to the three men who are her possible paternal figure, and in so doing both Sophie and the viewer embark on a jubilant journey that buoys the spirit like the toss of a wedding bouquet.

Filming Locations


The footprints left behind by the cast of Mamma Mia! have long been washed away by the waves that greedily rush up to shore on Kastani Beach, leaving in their wake a fresh slate for visitors to walk upon. An untold number of hearts bearing the initials of young lovers have been drawn on its surface over the years, and the golden sands will no doubt sift between the toes of countless couples on holiday who pay a pilgrimage to the island after seeing the pine-lined stretch of beach in several musical moments from the movie, including “Lay All Your Love” and “I Have A Dream.”

Standing at the first of the 105 steps which lead to the tiny chapel, the whitewashed facade of Agios Ioannis appears to the eye like a small white cloud resting on the cliff’s edge. The passage of time having erased the house of worship’s origins, no one knows how long the chapel has listened to the prayers of devoted parishioners and vows of eternal devotion made by brides and grooms on their wedding days. The structure’s beauty is captured on film both in its original form and as a faithful reconstruction in a London studio.

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As though nodding hello to passersby,the small vessels moored at the Old Port bob patiently in the water, waiting to ferry passengers to the neighboring Sporades islands. As is the custom, each boat has been christened with its own name. In a loving homage to a beloved ABBA hit, movie goers will notice that Sophie’s three fathers board a ride bearing the musically-inspired moniker Fernando.

Like portals into heaven, blue-painted doors are a calming contrast against the pristine exterior of the St. Nikolas Bell Tower. Christened for the patron saint of sea farers, the hillside structure silently guards over the fisherman who sit and watch the world go by in the town square, where moviegoers will see Sophie’s dream of contacting her father begin to materialize as she slips three letters into a mailbox.

Mamma Mia!

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

It made me laugh,cry,sing,and dance–what more do you need.– Carol

This is a wild and crazy movie. I loved the setting in Greece and the wonderful music.– Nanette

Love Story and great escape.– Kathy

I love the music!– Jillian

Timeless.- Judith

I love hearing Meryl Streep sing and the way they incorporated ABBA songs into the movie to make it flow so seamlessly.– Pamela

I loved all the music!– Gloria

The ensemble cast plays well together.– Susan

Hilarious!– Linda

The music!– Donna

Mamma Mia!


Amanda Seyfried— Stints on the daytime soaps As The World Turns and All My Children, followed by prime time appearances in Veronica Mars and Big Love and a starring role on the silver screen in Mean Girls led this former child model to her destiny of dancing and singing on screen in Mamma Mia!

Dominic Cooper— Although he has swept Keira Knightley off her feet in The Duchess and Charity Wakefield in a television adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, his onscreen chemistry with Mamma Mia! co-star Amanda Seyfried sparked real life love.
Mamma Mia!

Meryl Streep— More accustomed to dramatic turns than dance steps, the most Oscar-nominated actress of all time was a Super Trouper during filming of the movie, and her efforts helped to make Mamma Mia! the most lucrative cinematic musical of all time.
Mamma Mia!

Pierce Brosnan— After making the small screen sizzle as Remington Steele, People magazine’s former Sexiest Man Alive dared to take on the mantle of 007 before trying out his singing skills in the UK’s most profitable movie in history.

Colin Firth— Before acting to the beat of ABBA tunes, this British actor caused women’s hearts to skip a beat with his portrayals of Mr. Darcy in a television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and barrister Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary.
Mamma Mia!

Skellan Skarsgard— The resume of this versatile Swedish star boats of roles in The Hunt for Red October, Pirates of the Caribbean, Good Will Hunting and Angels & Demons.

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