Roswell’s Michael and Maria: #8 in the Romance Hall of Fame’s Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

The personification of teenage alienation, Michael Guerin is an alien/human hybrid hoping to find love and acceptance among the stars before realizing that he had already found his true home in the arms of a Jetta-driving waitress.

Airing for three seasons, the former WB/UPN series revolved around the lives of four Roswell aliens who hold on to their humanity as they explore their “not of this earth” abilities” and two teenage girls who help to hide their extraterrestrial identity as they embark on all-too-human relationships.

Although years have passed since the show’s closing credits rolled across TV screens for the last time, fans’ passion for more of the sweet and spicy love stories between star-crossed lovers Max and Liz (who will make an appearance later on our list of top 10 sci-fi TV couples) and the more temperamental twosome of Michael and Maria still runs as hot as the bottles of Tabasco sent to studio executives in a campaign which once saved the series from cancellation.

Lovetripper Reader Recommendations

Michael and Maria are my favorite couple because not only are they a sexy couple but because besides the alien aspect, they are real. They don’t hold back and they fight, they love, they bicker, they laugh, they are true real couple. Majandra and Brendan had such chemistry that it flowed off the screen into my heart.– Sarah

If you recall the show their relationship lasted the longest. It’s hard to get a man to change, everyone women knows that, but Micheal did try (wasn’t too successful) but they where always there for each other, comforting each other and their relationship wasn’t like the typical “I love you so much blah blah.” Their arguing and trying too hard or not trying at all was so cute.– Bianka

They are like fire and ice, like day and night, like a shout and whisper, they cannot exist without each other and this is beautiful.– Dorota

They are home for each other.– Janiana

Because they love each other soo much that they can’t be together. And they are both funny and I think they are a cute couple together. And they want to make each other happy. Their relationship is like roller coaster but they will always be there for each other.– Catherine

I watched Roswell 1999-2002. I’m fixing to be 18 and i still read the Michael and Maria fan fiction, and trust me there is not enough because I have read it over and over countless times. It doesn’t ever get old because that’s how amazing it was.– Jessica

No matter how much they argued or pushed each other away, it was always obvious that they loved each other and didn’t want anyone else.– Angelene

Frustration slowly begins to transform into a budding friendship as Michael, with a reluctant Maria in tow, goes in search of answers to his alien history in 285 South, an episode from the first season of Roswell:


Jason Behr— Two years after his portrayal of Max Evans, the reserved teen/King of Antar, the actor met his real life queen (Private Practice cast member KaDee Strickland) on the set of the horror flick The Grudge. The star, who continued in the sci-fi genre with roles in Skinwalkers and D-War, will soon grace the big screen in the romantic dramedy The Last International Playboy.
Shiri Appleby— Portraying Liz Parker, the human honey of head alien Max Evans, eventually led actress Appleby to her roles as Anya in the short-lived series Six Degrees and as Daria Wade on the final season of ER. The star, who appeared alongside Tom Hanks (the father of her former Roswell cast mate Colin Hanks) in Charlie Wilson’s War, recently filmed the pilot for an upcoming CW series, Light Years.

Brendan Fehr— His stint as hot-tempered hybrid Michael Guerin complete, Fehr’s name appeared on the cast of CSI: Miami as well as in the ABCFamily original, Samurai Girl.

Majandra Delfino
— Although viewers were offered a small taste of her vocal talent through her role as waitress/aspiring singer Maria De Luca, fans finally experienced the star’s musical mastery when her CD Tarte was released in 2007.

Katherine Heigl— Three years after filming her final scene as alien Isabel Evans, Katherine Heigl would once again step in front of the cameras as Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy, a role which won her an Emmy. Her performances in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses proves that this star shines just as bright on the big screen.

Emilie de Ravin
— Although neither the “pod squad” nor some of the show’s viewers ever fully embraced the conflict-causing character of Tess Harding, the Australian actress who stepped into the skin of Roswell’s fourth alien is loved for her portrayal of Claire on ABC’s current sci-fi hit, Lost.

Colin Hanks Roswell introduced a number of soon-to-be famous faces, including the son of Oscar winner Tom Hanks. After playing best buddy Alex Whitman for two seasons, Hanks would go on to show off his acting skills in such diverse fare as King Kong, Untraceable and The House Bunny.

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