Pushing Daisies: #9 in the Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

The most lovable non-tactile twosome on TV, Ned the pie maker and his reanimated childhood sweetheart Charlotte “Chuck” Charles made conversing with corpses look cute for two seasons before the highly-stylized show, much like the dearly departed whose suspicious deaths were solved on the series, met its untimely end.

As sweet as the honey cultivated by the leading man’s beekeeper beloved, Pushing Daisies is the surrealistic tale of Ned, a baker who possesses the power to bring the dead back to life, if only long enough to collect clues which will lead him and his private eye partner Emerson Cod to their killer.

Although one touch is all it takes to nudge the deceased from the netherworld, his paranormal prowess comes with a price– if Ned does not return the dead to their former state by touching them a second time within one minute, another life will be taken in their place. This practice doesn’t pose a problem until the pie maker hears of the demise of Chuck who, once awakened from her unnatural slumber, joins the crime-solving business with her hero– the man she can never touch again.

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This is soooooo cute and romantic. Ned loves her and he can’t even touch her! She’s dead he brought her back and now,he can’t touch her or she’ll be gone forever! He loves her and you can tell she feels the same way! It a funny cute romance that’s a bit awkward and aggravating! The can’t TOUCH! The way he gazes into her eyes seems to be enough. Not to forget the way he looks at her…..*sigh* I love this couple and think they fit the bill for the world’s most romantic scifi characters!– Faith

Ned the pie maker and Chuck his life long sweetheart are the most romantic. Due to their trying circumstances, they cherish each other.– Phyllis

I think Chuck and Ned from Pushing Daisies are the most romantic couple b/c he brought her back to life knowing full

well what would happen. They really truly love each other, not just due to the physical love since they can’t actually touch each other, but actual true love. They find cute creative little ways to kiss w/o ever really touching (like the adorable plastic wrap

scene–loved it!).– Heather


Lee Pace— Before portraying Pushing Daisies‘ pie-making protagonist, Pace appeared on another short-lived TV contemporary cult classic, Wonderfalls.

Anna Friel— The British beauty , who stepped into the role of Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, is accustomed to fantasy fare, having appeared in a version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Kristin Chenoweth— Before Olive Snook crooned renditions of “Birdhouse in Your Soul” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” the actress who inhabited the role of the lovelorn waitress belted out tunes on Broadway in Wicked and Candide.

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