Moonlight: #10 in the Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

Lasting just one season, sci-fi fans may have only been able to savor a taste of Moonlight, but the People’s Choice Award-winning show’s love story between a vampire and the investigative reporter who steals his stilled heart away is in the viewers’ blood forever.

During its 16 episode run on CBS, the tale unfolds of Mick St. John– a 90-year-old immortal who keeps the streets of L.A safe through his position as a private investigator as he keeps a close eye on inquisitive internet reporter Beth Turner, whose childhood memories of the mysterious man who once saved her from the clutches of a mad woman (Coraline) are veiled by the passage of time.

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Lovetripper Reader Recommendations:

“He protected her from childhood and fell in love…it’s awesome.”– Barbara

“After falling in love with Twilight I started looking around for more vampire love stories. Mick and Beth’s relationship is one of the most moving paranormal romances I’ve come across.” — Katherine


Alex O’Laughlin— The Aussie star took on the mantle of supernatural private investigator Mick St. John after a stint playing a detective on The Shield.

Sophia Myles— The British beauty who portrayed Beth Turner, the leading man’s love interest, was already familiar with fanged co-stars, having stepped into the role of Lucy in a BBC presentation of Dracula one year before cameras rolled on the ill-fated CBS series. Fantasy fans may also recognize the actress from her appearance on an episode of Doctor Who as Madame de Pompadour.

Jason Dohring— Best known for playing Logan Echolls in the UPN/CW cult favorite Veronica Mars, the actor’s youthful facade is an ironic foil for the 400-year-old blood-sucker (Josef Kostan) the star portrays.

Shannyn Sossamon— Recognized by romantics for her role in A Knight’s Tale, American star Sossamon portrayed Coraline, the vampire who transformed her groom into a supernatural soulmate, only to lose his love as she took his mortal life.

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