Ghost Whisperer: #7 in Romance Hall of Fame’s Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

Love is a force that binds souls together, both in this life and the next. In the town of Grandview, Melinda Gordon helps the lost spirits who linger on for the sake of the living to tie up the loose ends of their pasts and guide them as they take their leap of faith into the light.

In season four of the series Melinda suffered her own loss with the sudden death of her husband, Jim Clancy. However, the couple learn that death holds no dominion over true love, and Jim– in the footsteps of another body– finds his way back to the woman he loves.

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Despite Jim dying and becoming a new man (Sam), Melinda and Jim have still been able to reconnect and be just as in love as they were before Jim’s death. They show that true love does exist and that love makes two souls into one.– Sara

Melinda and Jim’s story has touched me because it shows that love can conquer all, even death, if the love is strong enough. I feel that their story is proof that love is real and that it can get people through anything if it is strong and true.– Candie

They have been through so much and they still love each other. Also, he is very understanding of her gift and gives her room and time to do her thing.– Joyce

What woman wouldn’t be very impressed by a man who would try and cheat death for her, do anything to stay with her. Very romantic.– Stacey

Because they have been through so much together and then Melinda loses him only to find that Jim is in someone elses body just to be with her and even though it’s hurting Melinda to see Jim in someone else’s body she’s still trying to get her true love back and that’s so sweet.– Victoria

They are still together..even after death.– Barbara

Their love has survived death even!– Kathy

Even dead, their love survives.– Dana

Because they are so cute together and so obviously in love.–Judy

Not even death can keep soul mates separated.– Jennifer

They had the perfect romance until a tragic accident takes him to the other side. Their romance must begin again when Jim’s ghost possesses another’s body and he loses his memory. It has been a sad and tragic path.– Tamara

The whole family loves Ghost Whisperer. I think the only reason my husband watches it is to see Jennifer Love Hewitt.– Robin

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Jennifer Love Hewitt— From family drama (Party of Five) and romantic comedy (Can’t Hardly Wait) to fright flicks (I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer), this multi-talented beauty of both the silver and small screen also wears a producer’s hat on the set of her hit CBS show.

David Conrad— No stranger to sci-fi, Conrad stepped into the role of Agent Pierce on the series Roswell before his haunting portrayal of medic Jim Clancy.

Camryn Manheim— Before her role as Delia Banks, this Emmy Award-winning actress starred as Ellenor Frutt in the ABC hit The Practice.

Jamie Kennedy— Best known for his comedic talents, his stint as another gifted with the ability to converse with apparations Eli James would lead him toward love with co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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