Doctor Who: The Doctor and Rose #3 in Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

The poet Henry Van Dyke once wrote that”…for those who love, time is eternity.” The sentiment certainly rings true for the couple voted into third place in our romance Hall of Fame. Traveling through the passage of the years and marveling at all the universe holds, the last of the Time Lords finally found his twin soul in a 21st century girl. Parted by fate, their parallel lives may never touch again, but no matter where his journey may lead, a part of The Doctor will always remain with his companion, Rose Tyler.

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I find Rose’s devotion to the doctor and willingness to give up everything for him touching, and it was great to see the doctor show his vulnerability with Rose.– Geoff

The Doctor and Rose shared a beautiful story, simply because their love is forbidden. He must not fall in love, yet it does quite clearly. The Doctor is a great lord of time, he saves race after race, prevents destruction of planets & is the last of his kind. And he falls in love with a 21st century London shop girl. Beautiful.– Stephanie

Because they complete and support one another even in the darkest of times. She isn’t particularly beautiful or brilliant, but she is exactly what he needs. She is his home, his family, the one thing he believes in.– Rae

Even when they are ripped apart and separated by universes they still love each other and even the knowledge they will likely never see each other again, it’s still there.– Dawn

The charismatic doctor falls for the ordinary Rose… dreams can come true!!!– Fae

Because it’s so epic. It spans much more than time (and space). It spanned universes and new bodies. Nothing devastated as much as when they were torn apart from one another at the end of the second season.– Sara

Because they are so tender and subtle and the caring grew gradually.– Richard

They are amazing and no matter how long they are apart they always find a way back together and hopefully Rose is back for David Tennant’s last episode as The Doctor.– Jenna

They have so much compassion for each other and it’s a subtle on screen romance that leaves you wanting more.– Abbie

The Doctor (before meeting Rose) was lost and alone and hurt because of what happened to his people, but she has helped him far more than anyone else could have during that time, and as everyone else could see he fell for her! The Doctor actually fell in love before our eyes! They have gone through so much from all their adventures, to Doomsday, and then finally Journey’s End. I love all the companions, but Rose and the Doctor have captivated me with their adventures and their adorable scenes. Best sci-fi couple I’ve ever seen!– Alexa

The chemistry between the two came through.– Thomas

The Doctor is still holding a torch for Rose Tyler.– Ralph

The Doctor was scared from War and lose, hurt and lonely. Rose bored with mundane life. They immediately connected, first as friends then a love that grew, endured even with his regeneration. A tension was always there but nothing admitted till they were torn apart. Their relationship was touching, had healing in it and had the feeling of love without lust. When the Doctor loses Rose his pain is so palatable. When they reunited I felt their joy..They will always be soul mates to me.– Jennifer

His life of constant travel continually tore at them. It was heartbreaking to see them care for one another so much, yet not be able to be together.– Cynthia

This is a love that travels through time and space. They will always love each other.– Patrizia

They would do anything possible to save each other, even give their lives. Their love is unspoken, but unmistakeably present.– Charles

As Woody Allen wrote in ‘Shadows and Fog’, “There’s only one kind of love that lasts – unrequited love. It stays with you forever.” And the intense bond between this pair is truly doomed to that sad fate. Their relationship is fraught with danger and peppered with myriad and seemingly insurmountable obstacles: mortality vs immortality; an entire universe of physical separation to name two. During their partnership both the Doctor and Rose make selfless sacrifices for the other. Rose, proving that love is stronger than space & time, manages against every possible to find her way back to the man she loves twice. In turn, the Doctor sacrifices first his life (9th) for his companion and then the sole possibility of happiness and the end of his interminable loneliness for Rose by holding back his feelings and giving her the “Doctor” she can be with for the rest of her life. Sob!– H.


David Tennant— Voted the world’s “sexiest Scot,” it comes as no surprise that Tennant had no trouble tackling the role of Casanova before taking his first trip in the TARDIS. His talents allowing for easy transition between heroic and villainous characters, fantasy fans may also recognize the 10th Time Lord as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Christopher Eccleston
— The first actor to portray the man from Gallifrey since 1989, the ninth Doctor is known for his roles in 28 Days Later and Elizabeth as well as his stint on another sci-fi hit, Heroes.

Billie Piper– At 15 the youngest recording artist ever to reach the top of the UK charts with her hit “Because We Want To” (the video of which, foreshadowing her foray into sci-fi, features the star emerging from a UFO) the British beauty followed her two-season stint on Doctor Who with performances which propelled her into the past, ranging from a television version of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey to The Ruby in the Smoke before taking on a racy role in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

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