Charmed: Piper and Leo # 5 in Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi TV Couples Category

The Power of Three set the Halliwell sisters free, and for one-third of The Charmed Ones the Power of Two meant a love that was true. Spellbound by guardian angel Leo’s kind heart, Piper Halliwell did her best to balance a “normal’ family life with her Whitelighter husband and their children while dealing with demons on a daily basis along side her supernatural siblings– a process that “Charmed” viewers for eight seasons.

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What they had was so real, it was based on a close friendship and a deep caring and gradually blossomed. Surpressed but yet emotionally charged. Not thriving on sex, that wasn’t even an issue in their relationship. What Piper and Leo had was true
unconditional love.– Ronald

I love this show, and I think the way Piper and Leo can connect and keep fighting to be together is what true love is.– Danielle

After all of the hardship and obstacles, they still had a strong relationship.– Theodore

Piper and Leo are one of the most romantic couples you will ever see (besides Romeo and Juliet and Bella and Edward of courseeee!!!!) This is so because when Piper first meet Leo you saw it in their eyes how much they loved each other right then and there. Their love was true when they were fighting, flirting, just having a sad moment, or kicking demon butts but most of all was when they are together you saw their love through all their actions, and words they spoke. Their love was passionate throughout the entire show. Even when they thought one of them was dead. As more seasons became more passionate and loving and romantic Piper and Leo got.– Alexandra L.

Over and over again, Piper and Leo fight to stay together, through the drama that strikes their lives, through death, betrayal, and tragedy, in the long run, they still manage to be together and love each other.– Rebecca

Piper and Leo are two very similar people both very… special. Leo is a healer and Piper is a witch-one of the three Charmed Ones. They are such a wonderful couple they stay together through the thick and thin. Knowing the thin is always most likely over all, since every day the seem to have some sort of demon after them and the other charmed Ones. They have children together, knowing they could be able to handle it in every single one of their situations, as long as the other was there with them. Every time something happens to one of them, the other is hurt too. They are fantastic! I love the story behind Charmed, and Leo and Piper!– Faith M.

Why I think they are the most romantic couple is because they are great together on the show you can’t even tell their love
isn’t real. I know alot of t.v. shows are about falling into love and getting married but these two are a one of a kind couple. I
can’t stop watching their romance. I love Charmed!– Alexandra G.

They went through so much to be together and in the end, they were for the rest of their lives!– Barbara

I think they are because they love each other a lot but they show examples of a real couple because they fight, separate and
have kids that’s why I think they are the best couple.– Rudy

Charmed is awesome when Leo Holds Piper and tells her he loves her. It is so Emotional. PS:I almost Cried– Faith

Both Piper and Leo share a bond of love that transcends every obstacle life throws at them (death, separation, fights, and the magic forces that are constantly driving a wedge between them but don’t keep them apart).– Daniel

I loved the way they took their time to bring Piper and Leo together. There was so much chemistry between them. I loved their wedding day, the music and the beautiful balls of light which surrounded them. They were just so magical together.– Laura


Holly Marie Combs— After eight seasons as the time-freezing witch Piper Halliwell on Charmed and four earlier years on the series Picket Fences, Combs chose to take time away from the public eye to enjoy private life as a wife and mother.

Alyssa Milano— Having grown up in the public eye, the former Who’s The Boss star followed her portrayal of premonition-seeing Phoebe Halliwell with the pursuit another passion, launching a clothing line for sports-loving women called Touch.

Shannon Doherty— Stepping away from the Spelling series after three seasons as oldest sister Prue Halliwell, Doherty would go on to reprise her earlier role of Brenda Walsh in the continuation of another Spelling saga, 90210.

Rose McGowan— Walking on to the set in season four as part whitelighter/part witch Paige, McGowan would follow her foray into in the the realm of supernatural TV series with a big screen homage to the B-movies of yesterday, Grindhouse. Today the talented actress is prepping for her silver screen performance as comic book vixen Red Sonja.

Brian Krause— Krause’s role as white lighter/love interest Leo has led the actor to appearances on CSI: Miami, The Closer and Mad Men.

Like any other betrothed couple, Piper and Leo didn’t always see eye to eye regarding their “I do” details, as in this scene from season three:

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