Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Angel #1 in Romance Hall of Fame Sci-Fi Couples Category

Years before the dawn of the Twilight phenomenon, the small screen shed light on another paranormal paramour and his mortal soul mate in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a series which– if its number one showing in our Top 10 countdown of the most romantic sci-fi couples of all time is any indication– will remain a fan favorite for eternity.

During his three seasons on the cult hit, Angel (portrayed by actor David Boreanaz) experienced both redemption and romance in the arms of one least likely to love a bloodsucker– vampire slayer Buffy Summers (played by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar), and in the process learned that a heart without a beat can still be broken.

Relive the moment that Buffy Summers, much like Juliet Capulet, discovers that her only love has sprung from her only hate in the episode that reveals Angel’s true vampire nature:


Find out about the stars who brought the Angel/Buffy/Spike triangle to life on the page dedicated to the couple who landed the number six spot on our countdown, Buffy and Spike.

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Buffy and Angel’s love will always be eternal, and true love can over come any differences, even undead ones!– Sarah

Because their love was forbidden, just like in Twilight!– Amber

Buffy and Angel are the most romantic couple because they have so many things working against their relationship but no matter what they go through they still love each other. For example, 1. Angel is a vampire, Buffy is a vampire slayer. 2. Angel can never be truly happy or he will become Angelus again (this really limits their relationship). 3. Buffy has to kill Angel. 4. Angel loves Buffy but realizes it can’t work between them so he watches her from a distance and sees all of the other guys she dates over the course of the series, the worst probably being Spike as he and Angel are not on the greatest terms.– Emily

I think they are the most romantic character because it’s a spellbound relationship, think about they are risking everything! Angel is a vampire, obviously one trying to be good, he spent a majority of his life feasting on rat blood rather human’s. Buffy is a vampire SLAYER! They were enemies but became a couple. Buffy had been killing vampires for years, and Angel was killing humans and trying to stay alive for his whole life! They put a aside their major differences and fell in love! Buffy knew she SHOULD kill Angel but didn’t because of the impact her love had on their lives! I suppose they are one of the most romantic sci-fi couples in history! It has always been a tragic vampire romance tell between a typical human and vampire, yes that’s along some of the same lines here but these two have more to lose and more difference than a normal human and vampire! She wants to kill him-it’s almost a necessity- and he feels like if he doesn’t kill her he WILL die. But they don’t kill each other and it turns out to be an amazing relationship! LOVE STRUCK ROMANCE BETWEEN A VAMPIRE AND A SLAYER!– Faith

They have an eternal love. They are both willing to give everything for each other and want nothing more then to be together….regardless of the danger and their extreme differences!– Cyndel

Buffy/Angel was the most tragic and beautiful romance I ever saw on TV.– Melanie

True love that is its own greatest obstacle. The ultimate star-crossed lovers, the very act of achieving happiness would destroy it.– Toby

They make a good couple and team.– Amy

I think that Buffy and Angel were the most romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy couple because their relationship was like “forbidden fruit.” Angel had a soul, but he couldn’t love physically for fear of hurting the one he loved, so Buffy had to love him from a
distance, so to speak. It was a romance that should have never happened, but was extremely amazing when it did.– Kristin

I love Buffy and Angel because it seemed impossible that they could be together, but they loved each other enough to do it
anyway:)– Skye

Buffy and Angel had such a strong love and they would do anything for each other.– Cassie

Because they had the hugest thing keeping them apart but they still managed to stay together. We will just forget that whole
Angel series, okay? ;)– Kirsten

A vampire slayer in love with a vampire is proof that opposites attract.– Bridget

This couple is a classic example of the couple that can never really be together because it is for the good of others.– Nadine

This is the most romantic couple because they love each other for who they are and not looks, money, popularity or even
whether or not they’re even human. its such an amazing show and they make a beautiful couple. They’re there for each other when they’re needed and they always know what’s best for one another.– Samantha

Is because they are TOTALLY in love and would die for each other. Even if it means that one would have to kill the other.– Danielle

C’mon. Is there anyone else? A true love that transcends forbidden barriers is so sexy and hot.– Jodi

Because they kept trying to make it work, even though it was doomed from the start.– Christine

They had a passion that sizzled on the screen. You felt it as you watched them love each other knowing that they could never
really be together. In an age where casual sex and quick relationships are the norm, their’s was all about true love.– Kristen

The love that can never be.– Leslie

They’re not the “perfect” couple.– Peter

They loved each other so much, but could never really be together. Very intense and sad!– Anonymous

He cheated death for her.– Stacey

They are unusual, but really each thinks of themselves as unworthy of the other and they put the other first.– Judy

I think Buffy and Angel are prime candidates for TV’s hottest smallscreen couple because the sheer magnetism of what draws
them together — lust and bloodlust — could be the same dynamic that is both of their undoings!– Joseph

Classic could never really be together relationship.– Adrienne

They look perfect together.– Richard

They had the most passionate and intense relationship! Who can beat that?– Candice

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