Book Review: 100 Sex Games for Couples

Wondering what to get him for Valentine’s that would be a present for the both of you? Check out 100 Sex Games for Couples, written by Oprah romance expert Michael Webb, best known to readers as “The RoMANtic.” This book takes a look at one of the biggest challenges in a long-term relationship: keeping things interesting in the bedroom. Whether it’s your schedules, the kids, or economic worries, it’s easy to put your sex life on the back burner.

Michael Webb discusses how intimacy is spiritual, emotional and physical, setting the tone for the book that emphasizes that these games are really about “making love,” not “having sex.”

The book itself is composed of really about 33 original games then another 67 that are variations of the original set, changing the rules to create different versions. Games include:

  • a guessing game
  • a night of passion that starts elsewhere
  • a game where stories become your drive for pleasure
  • a card game with a twist
  • a game to choose your bedroom clothing

Others involve food, touching, sharing intimate secrets, and more.

Final word? With the free bonuses the book includes, it’s a better investment than a box of candy…

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