2009119: Anniversary Flowers Send A Romantic Message

Unfolding like the petals of a flower, your feelings for each other continue to grow with each passing year of your marriage. If you find that there are no words to express all the love in your heart, why not let the language of flowers speak for you?

1st Anniversary

Blooming Carnations

Like your unwavering devotion, the carnation is a hardy perennial with several shades to symbolize emotions. While white petals stand for a love that is pure, red reveals love and admiration.

Its name originating from the French word pensée (thought), the pansy— symbolizing loving thoughts– is another way for couples to celebrate their first year of wedded bliss.

2nd Anniversary

Sometimes referred to as a Ladder to Heaven, the lily of the valley‘s dainty white bells proudly proclaim “You will find happiness.”

Although it means modesty in the language of flowers, couple’s can commemorate a love as large as the heavens with cosmos, which are also blooms for those in their second year of marriage.

3rd Anniversary

Just as the sun gives life to the earth, so the golden petals of the sunflower offers warm sentiments of strength and adoration.

Hummingbirds seem to whisper secrets as they drink nectar from the long bells of fuchsia flowers, a botanical beauty which stands for confiding love.

4th Anniversary

Sticking with each other through life’s highs and lows, the hydrangea‘s “Thank you for understanding” is a sentiment couple’s often need to express.

Meaning “true friend,” the geranium is another appropriate choice for your partner in life.

5th Anniversary

Ox-eye daisies

No need to pull off the petals of a daisy to determine if your mate loves you or loves you not. Symbolizing innocence, the cheerful flower is a gentle reminder of the first fluttering feelings of love.

6th Anniversary

Its shape reminiscent of a bride’s wedding gown, the elegant calla lily denotes “magnificent beauty.”

7th Anniversary

Like its scent, which lingers in the memory like perfume, freesia is associated with loyalty.

8th Anniversary

As the two of you were obviously smart to have married each other, celebrate your eighth anniversary with clematis, which means “mental beauty.”

A day of fond recollections, lilac— which symbolizes the early days of a romance– is another blossom forever married to those honoring their eighth year as husband and wife.

9th Anniversary

The freedom to grow as individuals as you travel life’s road together is represented by the bird of paradise, a flower as flamboyant as the fowl for which it was named.

Recalling the many happy days shared by two, the poppy stands for pleasure.

10th Anniversary

Looking forward to the years ahead, daffodils denote hope and rebirth.

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