2009106: New Book Explores How to Get Him Back

If the new year has you thinking of resolutions–and one of those is to get your ex back–then check out a 40-page report we just ran across called “Getting Him Back.” Written by romance expert Michael Webb (you might have seen him on Oprah), this book covers how to get your guy back in three steps.

One of the most helpful sections is the six biggest mistakes women make when they’re working to get their guy back…things like stalking/spying, calling his friends, sending letters and flowers, trying to make him feel guilty, deciding to change who you are, and, worse yet, giving up!

You’ll also find tips on the best time to get your guy back, how to act when you run into your ex, what to do if he’s already dating again, and more.

This book also comes with two bonus books: How to Save Your Marriage (which includes the top marriage mistakes that cause divorce and how to avoid those as well as a quiz to know if saving your marriage is a possibility) and 101 Romantic Ideas (ones that you’ll find very recession-friendly!)

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