2009105: Jessica Simpson’s "Fancy" Fragrance

Jessica Simpson Launches Her New Fragrance

By its very definition, fancy is a playful flight of the imagination, and true to its name Jessica Simpson’s fragrance, which launched in the summer of 2008, is a capricious fusion of fruit and florals which inspires romantic reverie.

The symphony of scents begin notes of pear, apricot nectar and red fruits, followed by a crescendo of botanicals (gardenia and night blooming jasmine) combined with toasted almonds and caramel and ending with base notes of vanilla creme, amber crystals and sandalwood that linger in the memory.

The perfume’s pale pink juice is contained in both 1.7 oz. and 3.4 oz. bottles, and the identical scent is also available in a 6.0 fl. oz. body lotion.

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