20081212: Playboy’s Four Fragrances

Playboy Launches A New Fragrance For Men

Fragrance is foreplay for the senses, and who would know more about seductive scents than the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner? Combining forces with Coty, the iconic publisher has produced four jet set-themed colognes that will titillate any temptress:

Vegas Playboy— Lady luck will be in your corner when you splash on the scent of the Strip. As forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, is seems only appropriate that apple is one of the cologne’s top notes, together with basil and tea. A sinful mix of lavender, jasmine and geranium make up its heart, while base notes of vanilla, tonka, georgey wood and masculine musk create a base that lingers in memory.

Hollywood Playboy— Like a matinee idol of years gone by, a man can be a dream lover with Playboy’s Hollywood cologne. The top notes of this Tinseltown-inspired scent is a hypnotic blend of bergamot, thyme, elemi and mandarin, leading to the red carpet-ready cologne’s signature scent– a fusion of lavender, cedarwood, rosewood and jasmine. Final notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and musk leave a lasting impression.

Miami Playboy— A sun-soaked scent of apple, leafy greens, bergamot and ozone leads to a climactic combo of rosewood, jasmine and cyclamen. Base notes of cedarwood, amber and musk offer an aromatic afterglow.

Malibu Playboy— A fresh fragrance to entice femme fatales, this cologne creates California dreaming with top notes of citrus, apple, green leaf, mint, neroli and verbena. At its heart is a unique union of jasmine, coriander, iris and cedar, ending with base notes of Cashmere woods, sandalwood, tonka and musk.

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