20081109: Learn to Dance with Dancing with Stars Choreographer

From the breathless beat of a Foxtrot to the tempting tempo of the Tango, dance is as much a synchronization of two souls as the melding of bodies. If a fear of tripping up when attempting to trip the light fantastic has turned you into a wallflower, dust off your boogie shoes and blossom with the help of one of the stars of Dancing with the Stars, Louis van Amstel.

Having honed the hoofing skills of his celebrity partners Lisa Rinna, Priscilla Presley, Monique Coleman and Trista Sutter, the Emmy-nominated choreographer’s expertise is now available online with “Let’s Dance: Learn to Dance Like the Stars.”

With an eight-DVD pack that’s instantly downloadable, Louis can have the two of you moving to the rhythm of romance in no time. The dance dvds include step by step instruction for the following dances:

• Cha Cha
• Foxtrot
• Jive
• Rumba
• Salsa
• Samba
• Tango
• Waltz

For More Information:
• visit Celebrity Dance Instruction

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