20081025: How To Kiss Passionately

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“Few men know how to kiss well; fortunately, I’ve always found time to teach them.” — Mae West

Looking to perfect your pucker or pass on your wisdom to your partner for weak-in-the-knees results? Starting out with sensible smooching techniques (always make sure your breath is minty fresh and remember that confidence is key when it comes to canoodling) this tongue-in-cheek tutorial moves on to more refined make out material. Take a probing look at the art of French kissing, learn the nuances of necking (would your significant other consider a hickey a souvenir of your snogging session or a shameful stamp on his/her skin? What should you do with the rest of your body when you’re busy bussing?) and remember that a healthy dose of humor can go a long way when going for a lip lock that will linger in your memory.

THE LOVE STORY:How To Kiss Someone Passionately

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