20081011: Playboy Halloween Costumes

The Great American Run kick off party by National Lampoon at the Playboy Mansion

Halloween is a night for turning reverie into reality, and who knows more about fulfilling fantasies than The Girls Next Door! Following are just a few of the official Playboy costumes that will bewitch your beloved on Halloween:

• Ooh la la! Tickle his fancy with a feather duster– the prop that accompanies Playboy’s French maid costume. The black halter mini dress is accented with a white satin and lace apron, a white bow that highlights decolletage, white, lace-trimmed thigh high stockings and a white lace headband. For a more flesh-baring take on the fantasy classic, Playboy also offers the Flirty French Maid costume, which consists of a revealing ruffled skirt with a built in petticoat, a frilly bra complete with removable pads, a black bow headband, black, thigh high fishnet stockings, fingerless lace gloves and a feather duster.

• Shiver his timbers in a Scandalous Pirate ensemble which features a cropped jacket which exposes a tie-back underwire bra and removable bra pads to showcase your treasures. A micro mini skirt and belt hide what’s below deck, and a jewel-accented hat tops off the sexy swashbuckler silhouette.

• Enjoy time out with your sports-minded someone in Playboy’s Sexy Referee costume. A black and white striped minidress emblazoned with the iconic magazine’s bunny logo embraces its hotness with skin-showing,lace up sides. The outfit also comes with a pair of knee-high black and white socks.

• Enlist your partner in a night of romance by wearing a Bootcamp Babe outfit, composed of cute, camouflage short shorts, a side-laced jumpsuit emblazoned with the Playboy logo, a camouflage cap and dog tags.

• Dress up for your Prince Charming in a Playboy Princess costume, which features a pink babydoll dress, white thigh high stockings and a headcrown.

• Show off your gorgeous gams with black thigh high stockings and garters that come with the Playboy Gangsta outfit. A black velvet, pinstripe bustier is combined with a black pinstripe miniskirt with a side slit. Satin cuffs decorated with Playboy logo cufflinks, a satin collar with a black tie and a black fedora add up to a costume so cute it’s criminal.

• Be a harbinger of love this Halloween in Playboy’s Cupid costume. Kiss-covered thigh high stockings lead up to a micro mini Lycra dress draped in a pink panne sash with a side bow. A bow and arrow and pair of pink wings complete the love-inspired look.

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