2008826: Paris Hilton Launches "The Bandit" Line of Hair Extension Headbands (video)

Paris Hilton launches 'The Bandit'

A socialite with style, Paris Hilton has brought her fashion forward finesse to her own line of shoes, handbags, fragrances…the list goes on and it continues to grow with the introduction of The Bandit hair extension headbands– trendsetting tresses for glam on the go.

Made of 100% polyester fiber, The Bandit offers a range of hues to harmonize with your hair color. Women with fair hair will find that the signature Paris shade strikes a happy medium between the the sun kissed pale blonde extensions and the darker “winter blonde” tone, while brunettes are offered a selection of medium and dark browns, with a maple honey for hair with lighter highlights. Fans of frosted hair can also find their perfect match, as can those with raven locks.

Three different lengths allows you to differentiate your ‘do in seconds. The 6″ version, which can easily be worn by those with long locks, creates a bouncy bob, and those who slip on the 9″ hair extension headband will brush a head of shoulder-length hair. The line’s crowning glory is the flirtatious faux 22″ mane which, like the others, is attached with Velco on to the four headbands (which come in leopard print, plaid and polka dots) provided with each purchase.

The Bandit brand of hair extension headbands will be available starting September 20, 2008. For more information visit

Paris Hilton Introduces "The Bandit"

Paris Hilton Fashion Show – video powered by Metacafe

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