Summer Reading Suggestions

The arrival of summer brings with it the opportunity not only to dive into the deep, be it an ocean or your local swimming pool, but also to plunge between the covers of a passionate paperback page-turner. In the following Barnes & Noble clip meet Laurie Gold, the editor-in-chief of, who relishes each word of 100-200 novels each year. Discover the literary world of love through five of Ms. Gold’s suggested stories:

The Sherbrooke Bride— One of 10 in Catherine Coulter’s Bride series, this historical novel holds the distinction as Laurie Gold’s introduction to romantic fiction.

Castles— Comedic and carnal charms intertwine in this tale penned by Ms. Gold’s favorite author, Julie Garwood.

Too Deep For Tears— As its name implies, keep a box of tissues handy as you read this work by Kathryn Lyn Davis.

Ice Storm— Author Anne Stuart offers a dash of intrigue in the pages of her steamy spy novel.

The Real Deal— This flirtatious tome by author Lucy Monroe marks the start of one of the romance genre’s most popular and prolific writers.

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