2008623: Five Ideas for a Staycation–In Your Own Living Room

With the price of gas these days, some couples are looking for ways to vacation at home. How about a living room date? Here are five date ideas that don’t even require leaving home:

1. A Picnic on the Floor. Look at it this way: you won’t have to worry about ants or rain at this picnic! Spread out a picnic blanket and let the fun begin. You can make this as elegant (think a bottle of wine and some imported cheeses) or casual (how about a CD of rainforest sounds) as you like!

2. Movie Night. Turn out all the lights and enjoy a movie at home…and how about a movie featuring a travel destination? To make it even better, think about ways you can bring a travel mood into your living room. For a beach movie, mix up some pina coladas and wear swimsuits!

3. Game Night. This night is all about fun. Play Bingo, Twister, or I Spy. And who said you can’t play Strip Hopscotch?

4. Karaoke Fun. Make this one as serious or as silly as you like…serenade each other with love songs or challenge each other to favorite movie tunes.

5. Spa Night. Start with manis and pedis then work your way to up massages! Do a little shopping the day before and stock up on some heavenly scented lotions and oils you’ll both enjoy.

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