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Instant Caribbean Quiz Results

How Much Do You Know about the Caribbean's Most Romantic Destinations?

It's time to put your knowledge of the islands to the test!Click on the radio buttons with your answers:

1) On which island are the two of you most likely to move to the sounds of reggae:
a) St. Lucia
b) Jamaica
c) Bahamas
d) Dominican Republic

2) On which island will you find the breathtaking Piton mountains?
a) Dominica
b) Guadeloupe
c) St. Lucia
d) Martinique

3) On which island will you hear Dutch spoken?
a) Grenada
b) Aruba
c) Nevis
d) Providenciales

4) On which island can you spend the Euro?
a) Bonaire
b) St. Barts
c) Grand Cayman
d) Bermuda

5) Which island is NOT part of the US Virgin Islands?
a) St. Croix
b) St. Martin
c) St. Thomas
d) St. John

6) Which island hosts the Caribbean's biggest Carnival?
a) Trinidad
b) Jamaica
c) Dominican Republic
d) Puerto Rico

7) Which island is best known for its scuba diving?
a) Cuba
b) Antigua
c) Barbados
d) Grand Cayman

8) What would you do with dasheen?
a) Eat it
b) Wear it
c) Drink it
d) Run from it

9) What food is considered the national breakfast of Jamaica?
a) bammy
b) ackee and saltfish
c) escovitch
d) mannish water

10) Which food is considered an aphrodisiac throughout much of the Caribbean?
a) tamarind
b) conch
c) bananas

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