Review: Gamma2’s TRAVEL-tainer for Pet Food

Lovetripper is all about traveling with the one you love…and, for many of you, we know this includes your dog as well.

The TRAVEL-tainer is a whole pet feeding system for pets on the go. Take off the carry handle and the end caps become food and water dishes! The container itself is airtight to keep your pet’s food fresh and keep any pests out.

Along with the TRAVEL-tainer, Gamma2 also produces the SoftStore:

This soft-sided bag is great for travel as well since it collapses as you use the food inside, perfect for longer trips. As the bag collapses, it keeps out air, keeping your pet’s food fresher. Also made from food-grade plastic (both the lid and the bag liner), the bag is insect proof as well.

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Disclosure: We received a Gamma2 to review; we were not paid to conduct this review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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