Love to Travel with Your Dog?

If the two of you — like the two of us — love to travel with your dog(s), be sure to tune in to our weekly radio show: Dog Travel Experts. Every Wednesday, we discuss dog travel with co-host Tracie Hotchner. If you miss the show, the broadcasts are each available as a podcast:

Dog Travel Experts (4-24-2013) Tracie and Paris discuss a type of travel that unleashes all kinds of etiquette questions: staying with friends and family. How do you know if it’s a good idea for you and your dog to stay with a friend? What if that friend has a dog? Or small children? And what if a friend wants to bring her dog and stay in your home: what’s the best way to introduce your dogs and ensure that everyone has a successful, stress-free visit?

Dog Travel Experts (4-17-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed a vital part of dog travel: a hotel stay with a dog. From researching and booking a hotel to packing for a hotel stay to dealing with in-room issues like barking and crating, this week’s show provides information for anyone considering a hotel stay with Fido.

Dog Travel Experts (4-10-2013) Paris and Tracie hosted a special episode of DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS to discuss dog parks and answer listener questions about taking their dogs to the dog park. Megan asked about a problem she’s having with her dog not wanting to socialize with other dogs at the dog park while Amy asked if it’s safe for her seven-pound Yorkie to venture from the small dog to the large dog section of the dog park. Grace wanted to know what she should pack for a visit to her local dog park, and Sharon inquired as to a good app for locating dog parks while on the road.

Dog Travel Experts (3-27-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed Paris’ upcoming appearance with on Saturday at Amazing Pet Expo’s San Antonio Pet Expo; a recent visit to Pedernales State Park, a Texas park that illustrates the dangers some pet owners might not consider in a new destination such as flash floods and rattlesnakes; where to find out if a state you’ll be visiting requires a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or CVI; the best way for dogs to ride in the car (and where NOT to let them ride in the car); and how old is too old for dogs to travel as well as when to introduce puppies to travel.

Dog Travel Experts (3-20-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed Operation Roger, a great network of truckers that provides transport for dogs across the country; when you should feed your dog while on a trip; how to know if there’s a pollution problem in the waters where your dog is swimming; advice from about alligator dangers to your dog when you’re visiting Florida; what to do with your dog during some “non dog” time during a big city visit; and tips for taking your dog to a big league baseball game.

Dog Travel Experts (3-13-2013) Tracie & Paris (DogTipper) had a lively discussion including: What’s the best way to prevent my pup from getting carsick? How often should I give the dogs a rest stop on a long trip? How can I teach my dog to enjoy riding in the car? Where can I find information on emergency veterinarians, regardless of where I’m traveling?

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