Traveling with Pets? Don’t Miss Our Radio Show!

As readers of Lovetripper, we know that you love to travel with the one you love. And, for many of you, you and your significant other may also be accompanied by a beloved pet as you travel.

Well, if you’re a traveler with pets, we’ve got a treat for you: our new, live one-hour Dog Travel Experts radio show every week! This show, scheduled for every Wednesday at 5pm ET, is part of the brand-new Radio Pet Lady Network, an Internet radio network composed of many of today’s top pet professionals.

Our Dog Travel Experts™ show debuts Wednesday from 5-6pm ET. The live show will feature call-ins as we discuss all kinds of topics of interest to travelers with dogs, from day trips to dream vacations, from first-time trips (and moving with your dog) to international travel.

Our show, like all those in the Radio Pet Lady Network, will be heard on This Internet-based radio network is entirely made up of pet professionals including some of the best-known names in the pet world. Tracie Hotchner will be co-hosting each of the shows, each with a special angle on a popular pet topic. Soon you’ll also be able to listen to the shows on specially-created apps and a widget which will revolutionize the capability of quality pet programming to reach people with immediate accessibility, anywhere in the world on any mobile device.

For each show, you can call in during the live time slot to talk with the hosts and ask your questions. Can’t make the broadcast? Just email us your question and we’ll answer it on a future show!

To listen to the shows: visit Each show will broadcast daily until the following week. You’ll be able to listened to archived shows as well on

Here’s the show schedule:


12 Noon ET/9AM West THE EXPERT VET with veterinary Internist Dr. Donna Spector, focusing on second opinions for difficult medical situations. To call, dial 888-429-5471.

8 PM ET/ 5 PM West CAT CRAZY™ with Amy Shojai, certified member of the International Association of Behavior Consultants and author of 26 pet books. To call, dial 888-429-5471.


8-10 PM ET/5-7 PM West CAT CHAT® & DOG TALK® with Dr. Shawn, “The Natural Vet.” Tracie Hotchner and Dr. Shawn, “The Natural Vet,” launched their new live Internet radio show at the beginning of 2013 when the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM went off the air – and with it their two very popular shows, each of which had been on the channel for over 7 years. To call, dial 888-627-2008.


5 PM ET/2 PM West – DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS™. Our hour-long Dog Travel Experts show will feature a discussion of all things travel as they relate to dogs! To call, dial 888-627-2008.

[FOUR LEGGED LIFE with Arden Moore coming March 20]


6 PM ET/3 PM West – PET FOOD ADVISORS with Dr. Sean Delaney, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, with advice about pet food choices, from home cooking to diets for pets with illnesses. To call, dial 888-627-2008.

8 PM ET/5 PM West – IT’S A DOG’S LIFE – Greg Kleva’s show (previously on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM) with dog training and behavior advice. To call, dial 888-429-5471.

What Will Play At Other Times

Airtime in between live shows will be a rotation of some of the 300 archived episodes of DOG TALK® which are currently in a “podcast library”.

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