Preparing for Our Dog Travel Experts Radio Show!

The countdown is on for our new Dog Travel Experts radio show!! On Wednesday from 5-6pm ET, our new show debuts on the Radio Pet Lady network! Today we’ve been busy making sound tests to get ready for our first show.

This week, we’ll be discussing spring travel with your dog. John will be assisting but, for this week, only Tracie Hotchner and I will be on the line to take your questions. And I’m hoping that you will call in with questions!

To call the show, dial 888-627-6008.

And, to listen to the show, visit (In the future, watch for a special widget here on Lovetripper to listen to our show and to all the great pet programming on the network. You’ll also be able to download an app to listen on your smartphone and other devices.) Please be sure to mark your calendar for 5-6pm ET this and every Wednesday!

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