Elvis Statue Unveiled in Tupelo

Thirty-five years after Elvis left the building his talent continues to reach out through the mist of time to touch the hearts of music lovers– and now a bronze likeness of The King reigns from an octagonal base, reaching out to touch the fans who make the trek to Mississippi to pay homage to Tupelo’s favorite son.

Recreating the romance of rock’s earliest days, sculptor William Beckwith has fashioned a seven-foot-tall representation of the larger-than-life legend whose memory will be forever linked to the community which proudly bears the title of Presley’s birthplace. Placed on the former site of the Tupelo fairgrounds where Elvis performed a homecoming concert in September 1956, the statue has frozen a moment in time that was captured on camera by Roger Marshutz, and a little imagination is all it takes to hear the echo of excited screams as the teen idol extended his hand toward an awestruck audience.

Unveiled to the public on August 9, 2012 during one of a series of summer concerts, fans can find the Elvis statue in the Tupelo Fairpark District, with the Tupelo City Hall as its backdrop.

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Photo courtesy Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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