Karina Smirnoff To Host Cruising with the Stars

Reality TV-watching romantics will be dancing on air when they kick up their heels on the high seas with the hoofer who waltzed away with the mirror ball trophy on season 13 of Dancing with the Stars— Karina Smirnoff.

Launching June 3, 2012 from Los Angeles, Carnival Cruise Line will chart a course for choreographed entertainment aboard The Splendor, which will visit Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta during a seven-day excursion to the Mexican Riviera.

Afraid that you can’t cut it when it comes to cutting a rug? Passengers with two left feet will dance to a different tune as they transform into Freds and Gingers thanks to Karina Smirnoff and six champion professional dance instructors and performers. ┬áTravelers will be taught dance steps ranging from the Fox Trot to the Tango during 60 hours of instruction to fit everyone’s footwork, be it beginner or advanced. Classes include:

American Rumba
Arm Styling
Cha Cha
Fox Trot
Latin Leg Styling
NC Two-Step
Night Club Two Step
West Coast Swing

After moving their feet to the beat in dance class, passengers can drink toasts to their high stepping success and show off their new skills at nightly cocktail and dance parties.

For fans who want to know more about Karina Smirnoff and the world of dance, the cruise will include a Q&A session and celebrity photo sessions.

As ocean waves bear The Splendor back to Los Angeles on the last evening of the event, passengers will ride a wave of excitement as they cheer for the Dancing with the Stars champion and the excursion’s fellow instructors as they perform in a professional dance show.

Cabin prices for Cruising with the Stars begin at $1,149.

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Photo courtesy Cruising with the Stars

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