Vamps at Sea Cruise Sets Sail in June 2012

If non-traditional romantic travel is in your blood, book a voyage in the vampiric vein with your immortal beloved aboard Holland America’s Zuiderdam on the Vamps at Sea Cruise Adventure.

Setting sail from Vancouver on June 23, 2012 for a journey to Alaska, Cruises Cruises Cruises Inc. charts a course for a nine-day fang-tasy.


  • “Children of the night. What music they make!” Pulsating rhythms will get passengers’ blood flowing as they dance at late night disco parties.
  • For those who have developed a taste for fright flicks, vampire scholar John Edgar Browning will host a movie festival filled with the immortal images of notable Nosferatus.
  • Delve into the depths of Bram Stoker’s soul during a discussion with Dacre Stoker, a descendant of Dracula’s author.
  • If you shun the sunlight but seek the spotlight, ‘stake’ your claim to fame in the Vamps Got Talent showcase.
  • Has the urge to spin a gothic tale always haunted you? Enter the Fan Fiction Writing Contest.
  • Test your knowledge of all things supernatural during trivia contests and ghoulishly entertaining games.
  • Drink toasts to your new fang-tastic friends at a cocktail party and vampire ball.
  • Uncover what hides in the night during a scavenger hunt.
  • Not possessing a soul, a vampire doesn’t cast a reflection in a mirror, but can an image be captured on camera? Passengers will find out as they¬†vamp it up during a photo shoot.
  • While shipboard activities are enjoyed under the veil of night, vamp fans who venture forth in the daylight hours will see the sights of Juneau, Glacier Bay, Skagway and Ketchikan.

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Photo Credit: Vamps at Sea

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