Little House on the Prairie Cast Reunion Cruise Launches in November

It’s been said that time and tide wait for no man, but ocean waves will wash away the years for cruise passengers as they set sail on a nostalgic nautical voyage into television history during the first-ever Little House on the Prairie Cast Reunion Cruise.

A cult classic which conjures up memories of family togetherness and first loves, fans can relive the romance of the days of buggies and bonnets aboard Carnival Splendor during a seven-day sojourn which takes TV buffs from Long Beach, California to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Eleven stars from the hit 70’s series will set a course for yesterday:

Dean Butler, who portrayed ┬áthe protagonist’s husband Almanzo Wilder, will present “The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.”

Alison Arngrim, who– as Nellie Oleson– transformed from foe into friend during the series’ long run, will tickle travelers’ funny bones with an evening of comedy.

Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush, who captured the hearts of viewers each week as little Carrie Ingalls took a spill on the hill during the opening credits.

Charlotte Stewart, the actress who conducted class as Miss Beadle.

Lucy Lee Flippin, fondly remembered by fans as Almanzo’s sister, Eliza Jane Wilder.

Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh, the twins who took on the role of Laura Ingalls’ youngest sister, Grace.

Stan Ivar and Pamela Roylance, who– as John and Sara Carver– were the next family to call in the Ingalls’ house home.

Hersha Parady, best known to viewers as ill-fated Alice Garvey in the TV retelling of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved books.

Fans can gain behind the scenes insight during the cruise’s many shipboard activities, including a private cocktail party with the cast, a special question and answer session, and an exclusive autograph session.

Prices for the Carnival Splendor fan cruise range from $879 – $1,199.

When: November 13 – 20, 2011

Where: Departs from Long Beach, California, headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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