The Milestone Hotel Offers Royal Occasion Package

Anglophiles awaiting the impending I do’s of Prince William and Kate Middleton can celebrate the royal romance and their own love story by booking The Royal Occasion package at The Milestone Hotel, an elegant Victorian era 5-star, 65 room and suite boutique retreat which is just a heartbeat away from the former home of the late queen of people’s hearts, Princess Diana.

By opting for the Royal Occasion package:

  • Couples can greet each day of their stay with an English breakfast.
  • Traveling lovebirds can drink toasts to the prince and his bride and to each other at a royal champagne afternoon tea.
  • Soul mates will be served a seven-course Royal Banquet Dinner perpared by the hotel’s Executive Chef, Ryan Flynn.
  • Tickets to Kensington Palace allows Anglophiles to stroll in the former residence of the late Princess Diana and other members of the royal family.
  • Foreign visitors ride in style with two way luxury car transfer from London Heathrow.
  • Patrons can remember their stay at The Milestone with a treasured keepsake– a commemorative plate or two mugs made of English bone china by Royal Worchester.

Opulent options are also available, including picnics in Hyde Park, access to the Royal Gallery and Royal Mews, a midnight Royal feast, champagne sabrage with canapes, and a deluxe luncheon hamper for dining on the day of the royal I do’s.

Rates for the four night stay from April 24 through May 3, 2011, excluding VAT, range from £2,418 for a Suprior Queen room to £5,218 for a Master Suite.

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Photo Credit: Red Carnation Hotels

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