San Francisco’s supperclub Tempts Couples with Unique Evening

Looking for an evening out but bored of the usual options? San Francisco’s supperclub, which opened in 2005, offers couples a meal they won’t forget. This out-of-the-ordinary restaurant:

  • serves guests in bed
  • offers prix fixe multi-course gourmet menus that are kept a surprise
  • showcases nightly entertainment that might include tight rope walkers, belly dancers, comedians or operatic arias
  • has massage therapists that offer neck, back, and foot massages nightly
  • transforms after dinner into a 2-story dance club

Just as surprising as the surroundings are the meal presentations. In the past, Executive Chef Daan Jatten has wowed guests with his startling presentations:

  • Ahi Tuna Sashimi served on an artist’s palette with wasabi and soy sauce “paints”
  • Cream of Cauliflower Soup served in a chrome dog bowl
  • A Winter Vegetable Salad served on a plate of smoking dry-ice
  • Frosted Layer Cake served with a latex glove instead of a fork
  • Crème Brulee served in an ashtray

2010 Themes

For 2010, supperclub has chosen a special theme for each month to inspire their chefs, performers and DJs.

February: The supperclub Aphrodisiac

supperclub devotes an entire month to love, romance, passion and desire, and invites guests to climb in bed and enjoy mouth-watering temptations, seductive ambiance, sensuous music, and sensational entertainment.

March: supperclub Institutionalized

Unleash your inner lunacy and go crazy in supperclub’s wacky nut house. The supperclub asylum offers padded rooms, insanely delicious cuisine, deranged fun, and mind altering entertainment.

April: supperclub’s Garden of Earthly Delights

Embrace the Spring season with renewal, rebirth, and re-awakening. Nymphs, aspiring satyrs, sprites and pagans of all persuasions are invited to refresh their senses in supperclub’s bacchanalian revelry.

May: The Future is Now at supperclub

Climb aboard this futuristic, hedonistic mothership where guests can re-boot their imaginations and experience cyber-shenanigans, kinky kinetics, and digital decadence in supperclub’s alternative reality.

June: Super-Fake Superficial supperclub

Just faux fun, discover how amusing plastic can be as supperclub celebrates everything artificial. Nothing is what it seems: padding is permitted, fraud is applauded, and faking it is the norm in supperclub’s genuinely unique setting.

July: Once Is Never Enough at supperclub

Reclaim, Recycle, Rethink, and Rejuvenate. Enjoy a multi-faceted, multi-purpose, and multi-sensory experience as supperclub serves multiple courses in their multi-level dining room with a multitude of diverting entertainment.

August: supperclub Salutes Hollywood!

Lights! Cameras! Action! Enjoy all the thrills, spills, glamour, and excitement—with a happy ending of course–when supperclub celebrates Tinseltown. The stars will shine with plenty of close-ups, love scenes, and madcap hi-jinks.

September: supperclub’s 5th Anniversary

Five is the magic number as supperclub celebrates five years in San Francisco. Five years of decadence, five senses to be stimulated, and the 5th Dimension (the unknown aspects of the universe) to be explored.

October: supperclub is Surreal

Mystifying sights and sounds, hypnotic performances, inexplicable surprises, and unbelievably delicious cuisine—where better to encounter the surreal than in supperclub’s dreamy beds?

November: supperclub’s Dark Shadows

Welcome to the dark side as supperclub explores eerie and erotic secrets lurking in the shadows. Guests may encounter hidden desires, secret ingredients, thought-provoking mysteries, and a frisky fetish or two.

December: virgin supperclub

Purity was never this much fun. Cleanse the psyche and refresh the imagination in supperclub’s immaculate white dining room. A wonderland of fun to be had as supperclub draws a fine line between virtues and vice.

supperclub “Voyeurs” Dining Rewards

supperclub is encouraging its patrons to enjoy every month’s unique experience during 2010 and is rewarding these “Voyeurs” with a special gift. Each time a guest dines at supperclub in 2010, they’ll receive a 10% discount they can apply towards supperclub’s New Year’s Eve celebration on December 31. Monthly rewards can be aggregated and are for dinner only (beverages, taxes and gratuity not included).

Hours: supperclub is open for dinner Tuesday – Sunday, and available for special events. For reservations or more information on the “Voyeurs” Dining Reward offer, call 415- 348-0900.

About supperclub: supperclub operates restaurants in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore, San Francisco, and London, and will soon open in Los Angeles.

For more information:

Photos courtesy supperclub

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