2032008: Sarasota’s Siesta Key Offers “Say I Do Again” Vow Renewal

Are you looking for a way to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable? Consider a vow renewal. We’ve had two vow renewals and each one was incredibly special…and much easier to arrange than a wedding!

You can make your vow renewal even easier to arrange by participating in a group vow renewal. Every year, over 400 couples gather on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida (one of the only places in the world where the soft, sugary sand is 99% pure quartz) to renew their vows of marriage. The ceremony takes place on the beach at sunset.

When: The “Say ‘I Do’ Again: A Renewal of Marriage Vows” event takes place at 6:00 pm on Feb. 14.

How to Participate: The vow renewal is open to anyone who would like to attend– locals and visitors alike. Couples can pre-register for event by calling 941-861-7275, and will receive a special personalized certificate and flowers.

After the ceremony couples can enjoy light refreshments, live music, a walk on the beach or can join in the Valentine Stoll to Siesta Key Village, where shopkeepers stay open and there are plenty of outdoor cafes for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

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