10112007: What Will Be Hot for Destination Weddings in 2008?

It’s no surprise that destination weddings are more popular than ever before, with couples definitely saying “I Do” to unique ceremonies at locations around the world. What might be surprising, though, are some of the forecasts for next year’s destination wedding trends. LUXE Destination Weddings, a high-end consulting company focusing on custom weddings at the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, has just released their list of the top destination wedding trend predictions for 2008. “Destination weddings are no longer a one-size-fits-all affair,” says co-founder Tara Soloway. “With all the different trends, tastes and temperaments out there, we know destination weddings for 2008 will be anything but ordinary!”

LUXE Destination Weddings top trends for 2008:

1. Brazen Beach Bridal Shoots

It’s a new phenomenon in destination weddings ˆ brazen beach bridal shoots!

“Many destination brides want killer photos, capturing the essence of their colorful surroundings,” says Soloway. “Create something extraordinary and cherish the bold action as a keepsake.”

Whether seeking edgy, classy or sexy looks, couples are diving into the ocean or pool, heading into neighboring towns to mingle, or scaling cliffs by sea bluffs.

Daring photo shoots offer brides the chance to create a bold statement with their dress, rather than store it away for eternity. As many opt for more casual wear or a lighter, less intricate design, there’s no pressure to keep the dress pristine (although you can opt for restoring afterwards). So jump into the water. Roll around on the beach. Dance with the locals. And take home an audacious wedding album for the ages.

2. Go Green For Weddings

Green weddings top many a wedding list. Couples are asking: How will their footprints leave a mark?

“Green weddings may be trendy, but it’s also a great way for couples to incorporate deeper meaning into their big day,” says Soloway.

Counteract travel with carbon-offsetting companies. LUXE recommends and Guests can calculate travel miles and donate a percentage back to the environment.

Incorporate local products into the ceremony. Many Caribbean islands offer an abundance of flowers like dendrobium orchids, lilies, and anthuriums. The “Natural Look,” is growing in popularity LUXE advises — branches with blossoms, greenery, palm leaves, burlaps and sandy hues.

LUXE offers further green wedding tips:

· Ban plastic water bottles.
· Research local recycling and environmental practices. Or be an environmental revolutionary! Teach the hotel about green practices.
· Pre-print dinner menus, programs, etc. on recycled paper.
· Consider the romance of candle light as a great way to conserve energy during the ceremony.
· Ditch wedding favors.

3. Entrances for the Ages

Tradition tends to go out the window when it comes to destination weddings. As such, LUXE is setting trends with their clients’ wedding entrances.

“As beaches become the go-to destination, we find that the sky is the limit with our events,” says Soloway. “Many brides want to make a splash with a grand entrance!”

Brides can be paddled to their ceremony at in a rowboat at sunset, or arrive on horseback in dramatic fashion. Evoke Cleopatra and be carried in on a chair or bed by four groomsmen, following a parade of walking singers and musicians. It’s the first step in your new life — make it memorable!

4. Make Wedding Scents

LUXE Destination Weddings thrives on creating exotic weddings that delight all bodily senses – even the sense of smell!

“Something as delicate as a customized scent can truly uplift the ceremony,” Soloway advises.

LUXE suggests an array of enticing aromas at many of the luxurious resorts where its weddings are held, including the new Eurostars Blue — Tulum Hotel & Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico and The Caves in Negril, Jamaica.

From lavender to neroli, to vanilla and jasmine, the betrothed can pick and choose the scents that perfectly capture the mood of their nuptials, aided by the watchful guidance of LUXE’s expert coordinators. LUXE’s advice on wedding scents will help make the perfect finishing touch for a couple’s perfectly planned destination wedding.

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