08272007: Punta Cana Wedding Question

Hi: We are going to be staying at the Club Med Punta Cana for a week in January, 2008, and thought we might get married at Casa de Campo or a church (we are not Catholic) while we were there. It would be just a small group of 5 adults and a baby. Do you have any suggestions? I have called Club Med but they haven’t responded and it might be nicer off of the property. Thank you. Judith

Dear Judith,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Casa de Campo is a lovely resort in the La Romana area (not too far from Punta Cana). Close to Casa de Campo in the Altos de Chavon complex, the St Stanislaus Church is a beautiful spot for a wedding. Here’s a slide show of the church. The church and the Altos de Chavon complex (which includes restaurants and shops and is built like an historic village, all overlooking the Chavon River), is administered by Casa de Campo.

We’d suggest hiring a local wedding planner (or checking again with the one at the Club Med…or Casa de Campo will be able to help, too.) To marry in the DR, you’ll need to have your paperwork officially translated into Spanish and there are a few extra forms such as proof of single status that you’ll need to provide. It’s all pretty straightforward and a wedding planner will be able to help; you’ll just want to start early.

Best wishes!! Paris and John

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