08262007: Walk in Jennifer Lopez’s Footsteps with El Cantante Package

If you enjoyed the recent El Cantante movie (or you just want to walk in the footsteps of stars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony), check out the new package from which honors the late salsero, Hector Lavoe.

The journey begins with a first class ticket to New York City, where guests will take a tour of Lavoe’s Bronx neighborhood and visit Fania Records. In the city, guests will also have a chance to attend a salsa concert with famed promoter, Ralph Mercado – the promoter who organized Lavoe’s famous last concert in Puerto Rico. Guests will also be treated to authentic Puerto Rican cuisine at the Manhattan restaurant Sofrito.

After two days in New York, travelers will be whisked off first class to Puerto Rico, the birthplace of Lavoe. Fans will stay at the Regency Hotel Condado, the same hotel Lavoe and his wife Puchi stayed while performing for the last time in Puerto Rico. On a private tour during the day, guests will walk through the streets of Ponce, the city where the music star was born and raised and visit the gravesites of him and his family.

For real Lavoe fans, the package would not be complete without a visit to a babalao – a supreme priest of the religion Santeria. The travelers will receive counsel and advice from one of Puerto Rico’s most famous and respected babalaos while on their Puerto Rican style journey. As a parting gift, the babalao will bless a white bead necklace which is said to “open doors of opportunity and remove all obstacles.” The adventure ends with a first class flight back to the traveler’s destination choice.

Budget Package: If you’re on a tighter budget, you can opt for a lower priced Lavoe Package that includes a stay at the Regency Hotel Condado, round trip first class tickets to Puerto Rico and a CD of Lavoe’s greatest hits.

For more information:
• call 1-888-700-8342

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