Share Your Story!

Did you have a dreamy destination wedding or honeymoon? Or have you planned a great romantic getaway? Then it’s time to share your story! We’ve just launched a new section on called myLovetripper…it’s all about the trips you have planned with your advice for fellow romantic travelers.

myLovetripper includes four special sections:

• myDestinationWedding:
Tell us the story (and share your pictures!) of your destination wedding.
• myHoneymoon: Share the story of your dreamy honeymoon, from why you selected the destination to what you wish you’d known in advance.
• myRomanticGetaway: Tell us about that romantic getaway you enjoyed recently, whether it was a weekend at a local B&B, an unforgettable cruise, or a vacation the two of you shared.
• myStory: This section features your travel stories. Unlike the other three sections, you don’t have to be the focal point of the story…just write about a romantic destination that others would enjoy!

Your article can be any length (even just an extended caption with a photo of your getaway). We’ve got some questions you can use to get started if you’d like to turn your article into a question and answer interview. Read all about contributing your piece on our new guidelines page. You’ll also have to register (it just takes about 30 seconds) then you can start uploading your work.

And, last but not least, we’re going to be running a contest for the best myLovetripper piece! Readers will vote on their favorite story; the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate. (And we’re not forgetting the voters, either; one lucky voter chosen at random will receive a $50 certificate!)

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