Reader Mail: August Weddings in Punta Cana

This has been a big week for questions about Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! We received this question from Denise:

Hi there, we are wanting to get married next August 2008 in Punta Cana. I just have a few questions as I cannot find answer on the internet anywhere.

Dear Denise,

Congratulations on you upcoming wedding! Here’s an overview of the marriage requirements in the DR:

Your paperwork does have to be translated into Spanish. Because of the language requirements, many brides rely on the services of a wedding planner. The most common practice is to use the services of the hotel’s wedding planner although there are also independent wedding planners on the island.

Also, remember that the US government now requires passports for Americans traveling via air to the Caribbean.

The price range varies greatly from property to property. Bavaro hotels are inexpensive all-inclusives; we’ve seen prices at some of their properties lower than $50 per day per person (depending on the property and the time of year). You can expect prices of about $100 per person per day at many all-inclusives. Prices in August are about as low as you’ll find any time of the year because of hurricane season. (September is the peak of hurricane season.)

Temperatures in August are warm but not that much hotter than other times; look for upper 80s with high humidity (and often afternoon showers) that time of year. On the beach, you’ll be comfortable; you’ll feel the higher temperatures more if you go inland for touring or activities.

Some all-inclusives offer free weddings (some free for any size wedding, others free with a particular class of room or with the booking of a certain number of guest rooms for the wedding party). You will pay for license fees.

With a wedding party of 20, you’ll want to start somewhat early so you can qualify for a group room block at the hotel and possibly even a group airfare rate from the airline. One year to eight months early would be ideal but you could pull together the whole thing even two or three months early at many resorts since that is low season. We always suggest starting early, though, to have the most options.

Best wishes! Paris and John

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