Acapulco Update After Hurricane John

We’ve received an update from the Acapulco Convention & Visitors Bureau about post-hurricane conditions in the popular tourist resort:

The Acapulco Convention & Visitors Bureau, announced today that the destination, its airport and all hotels are operating as usual and all visitor services are available. Acapulco weathered Hurricane John in stride on Thursday, August 31 and is proceeding with normal recovery processes. Though certainly of impact, Hurricane John‚s effects are being quickly assessed and addressed with progress being made under sunny skies.

“Acapulco luckily suffered nothing more than a good rain,” said President of the Acapulco Hotel and Tourism Association, Mary Bertha Medina Cortes. “Today, the weather is a bit cloudy but business is as usual.”

As of Friday, September 1, Acapulco’s Juan Alvarez International Airport had resumed normal operation after approximately 24 hours of limited service.

Hotels employed precautionary emergency procedures to ensure the comfort of guests and evacuation was deemed unnecessary.

Post-hurricane measures are being taken to further ensure the safety of all tourists in Acapulco. Acapulco authorities recommend all persons within the destination be attentive to notices released by the Civil Protection Agency. Also, authorities advise that all official documents such as birth certificates, state identification and passports are kept readily available.

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