Traveling in Tense Times

Today’s news of the terrorist plot against US-bound planes leaves many travelers wondering how to best enjoy romantic travel during such high security times. Be sure to read our five-part article “Romantic Travel in High Security Times” for tips on everything from flying safely to trip cancellation insurance to staying secure at your destination.

If you’re flying this month, be sure to check with your airline before you leave home for the latest recommendations in terms of carry-ons (and especially what not to carry on), check-in times, delays, and cancellations. Travelers to and from the UK will face special challenges in terms of carry-ons. You’ll find a detailed explanation on most carrier’s websites such as this page on American Airlines. Basically, don’t plan to carry a purse, just a wallet in a clear bag.

Some carriers are relaxing their rules and fees regarding rebooking; check with your carrier for the latest.

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