Cozy Up in a Mountaintop Lodge

Looking for a romantic getaway in one of the most remote areas of North America? Check out Purcell Mountain Lodge, a mountaintop retreat located high in the alpine on the border of Glacier Nationnal Park. Accessible only by helicopter, with no roads in sight, the Lodge is an oasis of secluded wilderness, luxurious comforts and outdoor activities.

Nestled in the middle of the largest alpine meadow in British Columbia, the Lodge is surrounded by an extremely fragile ecosystem. The surrounding alpine meadows are home to deer and elk, grizzly bears and bald eagles. And many of the plant species that grow at this altitude are rare and short lived; though wildflowers may bloom all summer long, the summer growing season at this elevation is a scant two months.

When first scouting locations for the Lodge, founders Paul Leeson and Russ Younger were very aware of nature’s delicate balance around them. Avid environmentalists and backcountry skiers, they were wary of disrupting the area unnecessarily. “We wanted to build a modern, upscale wilderness operation for guests to be able to enjoy this amazing location in comfort – but it needed to be based on sound environmental principals to ensure low-impact and long term sustainability.”

To that end, Paul and Russ initiated a number of backcountry innovations, including a state of the art hydro-electric system that harnesses the power of a nearby creek to supply the Lodge with electricity. They also custom-designed a waste water treatment plant that is still considered today to be a model of backcountry sustainability and responsible ecotourism. Even the design of the Lodge itself was carefully considered, so that the orientation of the building, along with its overhanging roof, maximize solar heat during the winter and protect it from overheating in the summer.

This early environmental ethic lives on today in the practices of the staff and management of the Lodge, from recycling, to biodegradable amenities, to guest protocol, every aspect of the Lodge’s routine is assessed in such a way as to minimize its overall impact on the area. All garbage is flown out from the Lodge, and guest linens are cleaned off-site so as not to contaminate the soil or drinking water in the area with cleaning agents. Even the number of guests is controlled each season, to ensure that excessive numbers aren’t negatively impacting the area.

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