Heather and Paul McCartney Issue Statement on Canadian Seal Slaughter

We’ve enjoyed traveling to Canada’s wilderness areas many times; these pristine areas are truly a romantic getaway for any couple who enjoys nature.

But sadly this weekend marks the start of an annual hunt of Canada’s harp seals so we wanted to pass along this press news from the Humane Society of the US and Heather and Paul McCartney, who have issued a video statement urging the stopping of the annual hunt. Earlier this month, the McCartneys visited the harp seal nursery on the ice floes to observe the newborn pups.

“We’re devastated to learn that 325,000 of these harp seals—almost all of them defenseless babies—will be clubbed and shot to death,” said Heather McCartney. “Compassionate people from all around the world are opposed to this seal hunt, including the majority of Canadians, and we urge them to contact their Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and ask him to ban the hunt.”

“Heather and I chose to come out to the ice floes before the hunt began because it would break our hearts to have to see the cruelty of the hunt,” said Paul McCartney. “But we are absolutely committed to making sure this is the last slaughter of baby seals in Canada anyone will ever have to witness.”

The McCartneys pointed out that an important strategy to ending the hunt is closing down the global markets for seal products and that countries such as Greenland, Mexico, and Italy have taken steps to ban the import of sealskins. “When countries stop buying sealskins, there will be no reason for sealers to kill the seals,” said Heather McCartney. “We are asking every single country to please, please stop buying seal products so this hunt will stop.”

Paul McCartney offered an alternative to the hunt—”We’re proposing a fair solution to all of this—a sealing license buy-back plan. This is a win-win solution: fishermen would be compensated for any lost revenue when the hunt is closed, and Canada would have a graceful way to put an end to a cruel and needless practice that should have been stopped many years ago.”

To learn more about this and to see a video made by the McCartneys about this situation, visit

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